NFL News and Rumors: Should the Houston Texans Release Arian Foster After Injuries This Season?

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Jan 13, 2016 04:43 PM EST
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Arian Foster
Houston Texans running back Arian Foster warms up before a home game."

The Houston Texans are still slightly in the rebuilding phase of this franchise, at least when it comes to this offense.

With Brian Hoyer and Alfred Blue as the starting quarterback and running back heading into the playoffs are we really that surprised they could not manage to score a single point? Now yes Foster was injured and had to miss the rest of the season, but he is always injured, always.

Foster suffered 4 injuries in college, a dislocated AC joint that required surgery, a sprained left ankle that required surgery, a nagging left ankle injury, and a torn left meniscus that required arthroscopic knee surgery, this was only in college. Fast forward to the NFL and Foster has had 10 separate injury incidents. In 2010 he had arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn right meniscus, in 2011 he tore his hamstring and it bothered him for most of the season.

In 2012 he had a heart arrhythmia which knocked him out of a game, and in 2013 he had a calf strain and a herniated disc in the lumbar region of his back which required him to have surgery and go on IR. In 2014 he suffered two pulled hamstrings, a hamstring injury, and a pulled groin.

Finally we come to 2015 where Foster is yup you guessed it on IR for a groin muscle tear that required surgery. Foster has easily had more soft tissue injuries than any athlete on the planet.  Now as the Texans stare at several holes on their roster, Foster is looking to count $8 million against the 2016 salary cap.

Should the Texans keep the injury prone running back or find a couple of new backs in the 2016 NFL draft? It would be hard to imagine the Texans not taking their roster moves this offseason very seriously.  



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