Adrian Peterson Rumors: Trade To Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals Options At Draft If Minnesota Vikings RB Traded?

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Apr 27, 2015 04:18 PM EDT
Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson
Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson (28) in action, rushing vs Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Arlington, TX "

The Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson could be headed for a split through a trade this offseason at the NFL draft, but that is looking more unlikely as time goes on and if the RB is traded, teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars could be options for him to land.

According to Pro Football Talk, the teams interested in making a deal for Peterson are dwindling and the more time goes on, the more likely it is he stays with the Vikings. Mike Florio reports that the Cowboys are likely out of the mix now, as they do not want to take on a massive contract just ahead of the NFL draft. The team is more likely to target an RB in the draft and the same goes for the Cardinals, although they are still considered an option if Peterson gets traded.

Earlier in the offseason it looked as if a trade was inevitable, but now it's more likely that Peterson remains in Minnesota this season. Chris Mortensen at ESPN reports that there is an "80 percent" chance that Peterson stays with the Vikings this season. reports that the Cowboys are out of the mix in the deal, while the Arizona Cardinals are considered the "favorite" if a deal actually does get done.

According to Yahoo Sports, it would take a first round pick and likely a mid to late second round pick for Peterson and teams simply do not want to give up that compensation for a 30 year old. The Cowboys were once considered the favorites, but even after they freed up space by working the contract of Tony Romo, they do not want to give up high picks for the deal. The team has Darren McFadden signed and they feel that players in the draft like Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon could be potential options over Peterson.

ESPN reports that Peterson is not looking for more money, which was a reason that some have cited in him looking for a trade. It appears to be that Peterson was unhappy with how last year went with the exempt list, but with his contract at nearly $13 million in base salary, it appears he could be stuck with the Vikings. The Cardinals appeared more willing to make a deal earlier in the of season, but reports had them wanting Peterson to restructure his contract.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported that six teams were in the mix for Peterson if a trade happened, including the Cowboys, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Cardinals and Chargers, but now that list is dwindling. The Cardinals remain in the mix, but they do not want to take on a huge contract, while the Bucs and Jags really don't have a need to trade for a player the caliber of Peterson.

Peterson likely will remain in Minnesota and there is a chance that he could get traded during the season, but that is unlikely. If a deal happens, it likely will be just before or during the draft, as most teams will try and address their RB needs at the event and right after. For a 30 year old back, a trade involving first round picks and more is just too much for some teams to consider, even one the caliber of Peterson.

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