Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal Score: Live Blog of US Open 2013 Men's Final at 5 p.m. ET

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Sep 09, 2013 05:02 PM EDT
Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic Score Live Blog
Novak Djokovic of Serbia (R) shakes hand with Rafael Nadal of Spain after the final match of the Monte Carlo Masters in Monaco April 21, 2013. REUTERS/Olivier Anrigo "

Djokovic 2, 6
Nadal---  6, 3
SITE WILL BE GOING THROUGH MAINTENANCE at 7 P.M. Click here for play-by-play and Match Stats!

Djokovic to serve for set and tie. 
Match point! Backhand down the line!!! POINT DJOKOVIC! We are tied!
Djokovic no phased by yelling fan. Nadal long after he attempts to return the smash.
30-30 Nadal goes long.
15-30 uh oh! Mental breakdown for Djokovic. Goes wide with forehand.
15-15 huge serve from Djokovic! 
0-15 Djokovic nets backhand 

Nadal serves for the tie
GAME DJOKOVIC!! Nadal's slice fails and Djokovic puts it away!!
ADV Djokovic as Nadal slices into the net!

Deuce! Djokovic is getting the best of Nadal. He just can't clothes.
ADV Nadal- Here we go again. Djokovic long with return as Nadal serves into the Serb's body.
Deuce! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Djokovic with a ridiculous forehand giving Nadal no chance. 
For the third time! ADV Nadal! Djokovic returns serve into net.
DEUCE! Smash from Djokovic ties things up! 
ADV Nadal- Djokovic goes long with return. 
Deuce! Djokovic with a passing forehand!
Deuce! Djokovic gives it right back!
30-40 Djokovic stays alive as Nadal goes long with shot. Nadal still ahead with a chance to tie the set.
15-40 Djokovic long with forehand. Talking to his box. 
15-30 Djokovic hustles! Still alive! Can't hang on. Nadal's angles are too out of this world!
15-15 Nadal attacks and it doesn't pay off. Wide with volley
15-0 Djokovic wide with backhand 

Djokovic serves
Nadal holds on to his lead and breaks Djokovic.
30-40 Nadal nets!
15-40 Djokovic saves a chance to take 3-game lead.  

Nadal Serves
54 SHOT RALLY!!!! Everybody is on their feet. Djokovic throws his hands up. Djokovic breaks Nadal again!! 
30-40 Djokovic plays the net and gets rewarded
15-40 Nadal's serve is HEEEAVVYYYY! Djokovic nets it.
15-30 Djokovic with a beautiful lob. 
15-15 Nadal slices his backhand into the net 

Djokovic Serves
ACE! Djokovic wins the fifth Game!
40-15Nadal plays Djok way back. Djokovic gets a late call in his favor
30-15 Nadal shows him how it's done. Curves it inside the line. 
30-0 Djokovic takes page out of Nadal's book and sends a ridiculous spin down the line. 
15-0 quickly the score 

Third time Nadal sweeps a game.

NADAL CHALLENGES POTENTIAL ACE! Nadal loses challenge. But WINS GAME! Djokovic long with return
40- Djokovic hesitates. Costs him point. Nadal wins seventh point at the net
30-0 Dkokovic saves himself. Nadal almost goes long with forehand. Backhand Nadal, forehand Djokovic. OOOH! Nadal punches it out with a crazy angle on a backhand. 23 shots exchanged
15-0 Nadal with another spinning shot that catches the line as he was running up to the net. 

Djokovic Serves
Game Djokovic!
Nadal goes long with return
40-15 Djokovic is active!!! Playing the net! Drops a volley as he doesn't wait for the ball to land.
30-15 Nadal with an unforced error as he completed screws up a forehand. 
15-15 Nadal had the point! Goes wide with forehand at net!
0-15 Nadal quickly up as Nadal can't return. 

Nadal to serve
Djokovic goes long with return. GAME Rafa
30-40 Djokovic very tentative and it goes long! Backhand is too long. 
15-40 Djokovic gets Nadal off balance. Nadal gets mad a fan yelling "NET!" every time ball goes over to his side.
15-30 Nadal slices Djokovic to death. Then Nadal pops a forehand past Djokovic and then puts it away with a smash!
0-30 Nadal tries to volley, but it's too strong!
0-15 Nadal can't get under the shot. Nets forehand. 

Djokovic to serve...
Djokovic puts game away with a backhand down the line. Playing more like a champ at the start of set No. 2  


NADAL to Serve for Set
SET RAFA!---- 42 minutes later and Nadal has the lead... 
30-40 Nadal rallies back. Takes advantage of wide shot. 
15-30 heavy forehand. Djokovic sends it straight to Nadal's racket. Who was late with his forehand.
15-15 Djokovic long. Nadal takes the point.
0-15 Djokovic plays his angles wisely. Fools Nadal with his body language. 

Djokovic Serves
OUT! Nadal wins eight straight points. Djokovic can't believe it! 
0-40 Djokovic nets
0-30 No chance for Djokovic
0-15 PURELY AMAZING!! Ridiculous exchange. Nadal fakes he's going left. Djokovic with the smash right at Nadal. Nadal returns. Djokovic slices. Nadal with the SAME ANGLE! 

Nadal Serves
OOOOOH! Djokovic drops a slice, tries to play net and Nadal puts that attempt away with a ridiculous angle that leaves Djokovic stunned!
40-0 Djokovic tries hard to angle his return and it goes wide. Nadal is pinning the ball in the middle of Djokovic's body.
30-0 Djokovic long. Nadal wins the point.
15-0 Djokovic realizes he goes wide with forehand. Tries to steer it back in play with body. 

Djokovic serves down 1-3
ACE! Djokovic behind just a game.
40-15 Double-fault. First of the match.
40-0 ACE! Second of the game for Djokovic
30-0 Djokovic gets Nadal off the court again. Nadal nets backhand.
15-0 Nadal can't return  

NADAL to Serve
GAME RAFA! Djokovic hits ball off the top of the net ball lands out of bounds. 
ADV Nadal- What a rally! Nadal out of nowhere slaps one too uncomfortable to handle. 27-shot rally
WHAT AN ANGLE! Deuce! Djokovic gets Nadal off the court and he goes long with forehand. 
30-40 helicopter over Arthur Ashe Stadium distracting Djokovic? He goes long again.
30-30 Djokovic manages to return a looping serve from Nadal. Forehand goes into the net. Rafa wins point. Djokovic looks at trainer's booth. 
15-30 Djokovic long with forehand. 
0-30 Nadal goes into net again! He's been very off balance in last two shots taken. Did Djokovic figure something out?
0-15 Nadal goes into net 

Djokovic Serves
RAFA BREAKS!! Djokovic leaves a lollipop at center court and Nadal whacks it past Djokovic
ADV Nadal- Djokovic forehand goes straight to the net. Nadal pouring it on with the angles 
Deuce! WOW! What a forehand. Djokovic didn't even more. The spin is INSANE!
ADV Djokovic! - What a way to play the point. Djok plays the net. Nadal panics and hits return right into the net. 
40-40 Nadal nets after another intriguing exchange that saw Djokovic off balance after second hit
30-40 Adrenaline is kicking Djokovic's behind. Djoker goes long again. Nadal with Break Point
30-30 Djokovic too strong with the forehand. Nadal wins point
30-15 Djokovic plays the net after getting Nadal off the court with beautiful angled shots.
15-15 Nadal nets forehand return
0-15 Nadal with ridiculous spin, keeps ball inbounds for the point.
Djokovic is really cocking back and hammering his forehands.  

Both players hold serve. Here's Djokovic

Nadal to serve! 
Game Rafa!
ADV Nadal- Djokovic goes long with return
DEUCE! Nadal short with slice. Crowd gets into it. 
40-30 Djokovic stays alive! What a forehand return. Nadal didn't even move. 
40-15 Nadal putting whicked curves on slices. Djokovic goes long after a long return.
30-15 Nadal goes long with his forehand. Nadal aiming for Djokovic's body, but couldn't keep it in play.
30-0 Djokovic long with backhand
15-0 double backhand goes long from Djokovic 

Djokovic to serve!-- 
40-30 Djokovic with booming forehand. Almost like a tomahawk. 
30-30 Djokovic whacks a netter
15-15 Nadal wins point. Djokovic long with volley.  Nadal is fighting a wedgie early on in this game. 
15-0 Djokovic wins point. Nadal long with forehand 

--------Players are Warming Up------

Novak Djokovic (1) and Rafael Nadal (2) went through their six rounds at the 2013 U.S. Open and as the bracket has it, both will battle for a chance to win their second Men's Singles grand slam tournament of the year. Check out the live blog, with set-by-set scoring and stats of all the action from Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Who will win the 2013 U.S. Open title? free polls 

Djokovic and Nadal have each won a U.S. Open in the past. As a matter of fact, they faced each other in 2010 and 2011 to prevent the other from winning the championship. Nadal struck first, winning the championship in 2010. Djokovic followed suit by winning the 2011 championship at Arthur Ashe Stadium. The two have met a total of 36 times, with Nadal owning the head-to-head matched by winning 21 times. As a matter of fact, Nadal has won the last two matches between the two, winning at the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 in Canada and semis at the French Open.

Nadal has almost breezed through his opponents, defeating Ryan Harrison, Rogerio Dutra Silva, Ivan Dodig, Philipp Kohlschreiber, Tommy Robredo and Richard Gasquet. Djokovic disposed of Ricardas Berankis, Benjamin Becker, Joao Sousa, Marcel Granollers, Mikahail Youzhny and Stanislas Wawrinka. Nada has lost one set in the tournament, while Djokovic has dropped three.

Check out this live blog as the Men's Singles championship will be settled. Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article for all the latest updates.

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