How to Combine Sports and Travel?

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Dec 04, 2017 10:46 AM EST

How to Combine Sports and Travel?

It might seem a first world problem for some: if you're asking how to exercise while travelling, you must be travelling A LOT. And if you're traveling, then you're probably rich, which solves ALL your problems (apparently), and the fact that you played sports at school (as described here: is absolutely and completely enough.

But that's the wrong kind of thinking. A long-ish vacation can throw you off-track in your physical routines. Even a week of idleness will have impact on your physical shape. So next time you pack your bags for a nice family holiday, don't dismiss any kind of physical activity as unnecessary.

How do you find ways to exercise while you are travelling? We're not talking, of course, about active holidays. If you are going to climb Kilimanjaro or walk Asia back and forth, you don't have to think about exercise. In fact, you should think how to have rest instead.

This article is about mere mortals that go to the sea side to lie in the sun or travel across Europe for sightseeing. Here are the top ways you could stay active even while abroad:

Start running in the morning

You might hate this activity in general, but on vacation, running along the ocean coast suddenly becomes extremely appealing. Even getting up in the morning is not as horrible as when you have to trudge to work. The additional benefit is that you will waste much less time on sleeping or just being lazy. It also helps to start the day right and keep your body and mind in shape.

Cycle where you can

Were you planning to rent a car? Stop! Unless it's a road trip, you can cycle where you planned to drive. Cycling is a very productive physical activity. Even a few short rides are enough to keep you in shape and make sure your muscle don't get all too relaxed during the holiday.


There are hot streams in Budapest and plenty of swimming places in other cities. And if it's a near-the-sea summer holiday, you should stay in the water all the time. No lazy splashing - swim back and forth and then back again.

Take fitness videos with you

If you're deprived of the possibilities to cycle or swim (which is hardly but still possible), you can exercise at home. Take a few videos with you - following somebody is much easier than inventing exercise routines on your own.

Walking is still a good way to exercise

It's tempting to take a tram ride or jump into subway, but you could walk the distances just as effectively. Especially in Europe, everything is so close you can walk in most cases. Next time you're thinking about that Sightseeing Bus Tour, save the money and just walk.

Plan ahead

This is more of a general recommendation. Think ahead about your physical activity. If you don't, you risk being unprepared when an opportunity presents itself. For the very least, you might not have the right clothes for running/cycling or else. At the end of the day, it's all about planning, just like in almost any other issue.

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