Meeting a Girl on Golf Sessions

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Nov 02, 2017 07:30 PM EDT

While golf has become a game played by the wide masses not only elderly moneybags, many people believe a golf date can end up not just in bedroom, but also in a full-size relationship as well. You've already learnt how to approach a shy girl, so we suppose meeting a lady playing golf won't be much of a problem. First and foremost, you have to know a few things about your sport date or this will never work.

The first thing you need to know is: Does she actually play golf? Or she's just looking for a fit athletic guy? If you're looking to score, it is important that she has an interest in the game and perhaps some experience too, but not be a pro at it. If she's good, then she is probably not going to be impressed with your golfing skills.

There are certain aspects about the girl that you must know beforehand and you also need to be willing to completely remove the concentration aspect of trying to gain some points in the most favorite game in your entire life.

#1 She can be devoted

A girl who practices golf knows that her hobby may take up basically an entire day worth of time. Golf requires commitment and efforts to play a full 18 holes. This will most likely relate to her everyday life, where she most likely won't be in a rush and move from guy to guy (though there's nothing wrong with that), but be willing to commit to the right man and that man could be you!

#2 She knows how to have fun

It is a common fact that people who play golf know how to live life to the fullest measure. If she'd rather be on the session boozing a six pack with you and taking some awesome shots off the tee, what could be better than that? This indicates she can have a good time, and yet have a competitive nature, which makes things even more interesting. She can possibly kick it with your pals too and make every one of them jealous that you've scored such a hot golf chick. You two can dominate at the pong table and on the golf course equally.

#3 She has balance

Not only you need balance to have a good golf swing, but you also need balance in life. She can probably go out on the session to play nine holes in the morning, go shopping after she's done with golfing, have dinner with her friends and then go out with you for a night. Her active and feather-light nature along with an ability to do multiple things in a day, can apply to her always being here to make time for you, no matter what. Guys need attention too. Even if you two just go to the range or take up mini golf, that's something you guys can do together on a weekly basis to catch up and chill out.

#4 She can sort out stuff

If golfers quit the moment things got rough, there already wouldn't be anyone left playing golf! It's all about persistence and that is a great character quality for a girl to demonstrate in many moments of life (get your mind out of the gutter). Seriously, if you guys ever get into an argument, she won't wish to give up on the relationship at the first obstacle. She will seek to talk through things and make sure she's done everything she can to make it work, like she would on the golf session.

Thus, if you want a girlfriend that'd be laid back and yet a hell of a competitor, who can handle a quality shaft, then your perfect match is a girl who plays golf. Go get one, Mr. Woods!

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