Super Bowl Commercials: Best of the Best Bring Back the Budweiser Frogs

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Feb 01, 2013 01:55 PM EST
Budweiser Frogs
Remembering the Budweiser frogs."

As we all know, the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States and commercials are a big part of the game. Some people tune in to watch the game and others rush to their TV's during the breaks. Do you remember these guys, the Budweiser frogs? Maybe it's time Budweiser honored them and launched a new campaign for the Super Bowl featuring the three green amphibians.

We immediately hit you with probably the first of the bunch of commercials featuring the three frogs.

It was basic and simple. The frogs were barely able to speak and each one could only pronounce one syllable of the beer brand.

The characters later introduced a friend that allowed them to become mobile and finally get their sticky fingers on some booze.

Their buddy is bopping to the Bob Marley's "Jamming" as they all make a slow and groovy getaway with the box of Budweiser as their trophy.

The Budweiser frogs had a sort of "Trix" vibe to them since they always devised master plans to get some beer. This next commercial features their use of their "sticky" tongues to hitch a ride on an oncoming Budweiser truck.

Later on, the frogs gained popularity and character. Budweiser thought it would be clever to give them mafia-like voices. Immediately, Joe Pesci comes to mind as the middle frog has a pitched voice similar to Tommy DeVito (Pesci) from Goodfellas. Here's the clip.

Children, it's explicit.

Now here are their voices from a commercial that was supposedly banned by Budweiser. Poor middle frog, Lou.

Lou even yells out for Frankie, who was also mentioned in the Goodfellas clip.

For some reason, when I think Super Bowl commercials, I always remember these guys. Doritos is one brand that always seems to produce funny commercials when the Super Bowl rolls along, but for now, at least in my book, Budweiser has the most memorable commercials for the biggest game of the year. 

What's your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Let us know.

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