Broncos vs. Raiders Score: Live Blog with Play-by-Play of Thursday Night Football Game Between AFC West Rivals

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Dec 06, 2012 07:58 PM EST
Broncos vs. Steelers 2012 Playoffs
Denver Broncos' Thomas pushes off defender Pittsburgh Steelers' Taylor on his way to scoring the winning touchdown in overtime

FINAL SCOREBroncos 26-13 Raiders
Check out our predictions for this matchup: Manning's Game to Win


Manning takes a knee

====================2 MINUTE WARNING=======================

3rd & 1... Moreno gets it! First DOWN!

OAKLAND USES LAST TIMEOUT... 3:03 remaining in the game 

1st & 10 Decker in motion run up the middle 

70th 300-plus yard passing game for Manning on that pass. 

3rd & 4 Slant! Thomas with the first down grab. In the red zone. 

2nd & 20 Broncos in Raiders' territory... Moreno gets the handoff and runs it for 16

2nd & 10 Moreno makes first guy miss, FLAG... 

1st & 10 4:03 left to play --- No gain for Moreno... TIMEOUT Raiders

Moreno gets the hand of. Gains four... 2nd & 6 Peyton identifies blitz. Moreno gets the run first down!

On-side kick Raiders--- Recovered by the Broncos

5:36 left in the game... Time for the Broncos to put this one away.

RAIDERS GO FOR 2! Fade! COMPLETE! Moore with the grab... NO! They don't give it too him. Only one foot was down. 

1st & 10 shotgun from OWN 44 Heyward-Bey TOUCHDOWN! Breaks tackle and runs it in! 

1st & 10 OWN 31 another first down for the Raiders

1st & 10 Criner picks up 17 on the pass

Raiders take over with just over 7 minutes left in this game. 

Holding on the play for the Broncos. Raiders force them to punt as they decline the penalty

7:43 left in the game. 

3rd & 11 TIMEOUT DENVER..........

2nd & 12 gain of one on the run

1st & 10 Moreno can't break tackle in backfiel... losses a yard or two 

3rd & 5 Manning pumps... another penalty on the Raiders? Yeep, made contact beyond five yards. Branch with the offense

2nd & 8 from OWN 35... Gain of three on pass to te right

1st & 10 Moreno gains 18 on the ground.

4th & 15 PUNT--- Fair catch at OWN 15 for Broncos 

3rd & 15 hell of a blitz coming now. Palmer floats it! Carter gets it! No, drops the pass! 


1st & 10 another first down... Will get backed up after holding penalty

1st & 10 another first down this time on pass to the left

2nd & 20 Raiders get the first down on pass to the right

Holding on Broncos... 1st & 10 Raiders--- Holding on Raiders

3rd & 6 Palmer ganged up in the backfield! SACK!... Penalty marker is down. 

2nd & 6 Raiders--- Incomplete pass!

---------------THIRD QUARTER COMES TO A CLOSE--------------------------

:19 seconds left in the game--- Holding coming on Raiders. 

Raiders touchback--- 1st & 10 from OWN 20 

4th & 4 FG coming GOOD! 

3rd & 5 shotgun, audible. Screen pass broken up by Raiders.

2nd & 10 shotgun, change of play... audible... Manning eyes Decker and hits him for short gain.

1st & 10 Manning can't hit Hillman

3rd & 1 play action! Moreno first down and more! Down to the 21

2nd & 3 shotgun, Dreessen short of first down

1st & 10 Moreno gets handoff, hurdles defender! Gains seven. 

1st & 10 ----3:14 left in the third--- Man down on the field getting checked

Manning waits... waits.... Thomas open.. FIRST DOWN!

First penalty for Devner is a holdind call... Should start from around OWN 35

3:48 remaning in the third--- PUNT Downed at Broncos' 46... FLAG

3rd & 8 incomplete pass! Fans booing. Quick three-and-out for Raiders

2nd & 10 McFadden gets it again. Misses the hole and can only gain 2

1st & 10 from OWN 20... McFadden no gain on the run. 

Raiders receive. TOUCHBACK

5:07 left to play in the third 

2nd & GOAL shotgun... Moreno gets it again... GETS PUSHED... TOUCHDOWN! Broncos get the fumble and waste no time to score

1st & GOAL from Raiders' 2 stuffed!

3rd & 6 SACK!!! Broncos bring the pressure. Play beautiful defense AND GET THE FUMBLE!

2nd & 11 Shotgun. Quick pass out to the left. Gain of five

2nd & 6 shotgun... FALSE START as the Raiders continue to kill themselves with penalties. 

1st & 10 i formation. Stretch play. McFadden gains four on run to the left

Raiders to receive--- Can't bring it up past the 10. 


3rd & GOAL would be a hell of stand if the Raiders can make another stop.. Fade to Decker... Incomplete

2nd & GOAL Moreno runs right.. NO GAIN! Loss of one. 

1st & GOAL Broncos... Manning can't find open receiver... Overthrows receiver Green

2nd & 5 Manning goes into the end zone! Coul be another pass interference as Raiders  didn't play the Ball. 

1st & 10 from Raiders' 29 Toss to Moreno on run to the left. Stiff arm an avois loss! Gainof four. 

1st & 10 Floating pass to the right. ecker with the grab and inside Raiders territory


2nd & 7 Moreno crosse up. Shotgun, Immediately taken own in the backfiel! Loss of 4

1st & 10 Gain of three on pass to Moreno

Raiders--- Pass Interference--- Ball place on Broncos' 21

2nd & 8 Manning throws incomplete. FLAG! . Thomas was held. 

12:33 left in the third 1st & 10... Moreno gains two up the middle.

3rd & 8 incomplete pass left... PUNT... FAIR CATCH INSIDE OWN 10 for Broncos

1st & 10 from Broncos' 46... No gain on the run....


Raiders to receive... TOUCHBACK

Just seconds away from third quarter!

C. Palmer 12/18 148 1 1
D. McFadden 5 7 0 6
M. Reece 1 3 0 3
C. Palmer 1 -1 0 -1
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
D. Heyward-Bey 4 26 0 15
R. Streater 3 86 0 58
D. Moore 2 17 0 11
D. McFadden 2 12 1 6T
B. Myers 1 7 0 7
Defense T-A SCK INT FF
P. Wheeler 4-4 0 0 0
M. Mitchell 5-0 1 0 0
J. Hanson 5-0 0 0 0
T. Branch 3-1 0 0 0
M. Giordano 2-2 0 0 0
M. Burris 2-2 0 0 0
D. Bryant 3-0 1 0 0
T. Kelly 1-2 0 0 0
L. Houston 2-0 1 0 0
C. Bilukidi 2-0 0 0 0
M. Huff 2-0 0 0 0
P. Adams 1-0 0 1 0
R. Bartell 1-0 0 0 0
M. Shaughnessy 1-0 0 0 0




P. Manning 16/22 201 1 1
K. Moreno 13 50 0 9
R. Hillman 4 24 0 12
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
E. Decker 4 51 0 19
J. Dreessen 4 28 1 13
D. Thomas 2 31 0 16
K. Moreno 2 30 0 26
J. Tamme 2 24 0 18
M. Willis 1 19 0 19
A. Caldwell 1 18 0 18
T. Holliday 1 0 0 0
T. Carter 0 0 1 0
Kicking FG LG XP PTS
M. Prater 2/2 43 1/1 7
Defense T-A SCK INT FF
D. Williams 4-1 0 0 0
T. Carter 3-1 0 0 0
D. Trevathan 2-1 0 0 0
C. Bailey 2-0 0 1 0
V. Miller 1-1 0 0 0
R. Moore 1-0 0 0 0
R. Ayers 1-0 0 0 0
M. Unrein 1-0 0 0 0
M. Adams 0-1 0 0 0








First Downs




Total Yards




Passing Yards




Rushing Yards




Penalties (Yds)








Punts (AVG)




Time of Pos.






STAY HERE FOR FANTASY STATS! Team and Individual player stats coming at the half

4th & 9 PUNT

3rd & 9 shotgun... Manning almost intercepts it!! 

2nd & 16 :47 seconds in the half--- shotgun... Decker with the seven yard grab

1st & 10 Manning blitzed for third sack! 

2nd & 11 FIRST DOWN!  Willis No. 12 with the grab. at midfield

1st & 10 OWN 31Moreno slips! loses a yard. Had a lot of running room

2nd & 4... ball batte in the air by Raiders ... FLAG HANDS TO THE FACE by RAIDERS.... First Down Broncos


5,000th career completion

TOUCHBACK--- Raiders' crowd comes alive... 1st & 10 Tamme open inside

1:59 remaining in the half--- Raiders look genius. Will force Denver to use timeouts as they eliminate two-minute warning as an option to stop the clock. 

PAT is coming.... 

McFadden with the six-yard TD on the screen!

Palmer fakes the throw one way, throws left and gets the first down AND MORE! TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!

3rd & 2 TIMEOUT.... 2:06 remaining as two-minute warning approaches.

2nd & 3 at Broncos' 7... Pass in the flat. Broncos swarm and make tackle for gain of one

Quick passes allowing Palmer to avoid pressure

1st & 10 at Broncos' 14 shotgun Gain of seven.

2nd & 4 Raiders put it on the Broncos right now. Screen pass to McFadden. FIRST DOWN! Gains six

1st & 10 Palmer continues to hang in the pocket. Diving grab by No. 17 Moore. Gets up and runs backwards.

2nd & 10 ... Streater holds on to this one.. Goes for 13. 

1st & 10... PASS DROPPED! Screener had a first down for sure. Streater drops it

5:10 left to play in the half 

2nd & 7 Palmer with the quick pass... Raiders into Broncos' territory

1st & 10 OWN 45 McFadden takes the handoff and takes it for close to three yards

2nd & 10 first down on pass to the left! Raiders give Palmer time as they pick up the blitz. 

1st & 10 play action... Incomplete pass. Throws ball too wide. Out of reach of everybody

HOLDING Raiders.... 1st & 20 from OWN 10 gain of 15 on the pass... McFadden then gains six for first down

1st & 10 McFadden bounces it to the outside... But there's a flag. Ran for the first down. 

8:32 left in the half 

1st & 10 DEEEP PASS!! Wow! Manning would like that one back. Intercepted by Adam and underthrown.

2nd & 2... Okay now they will run the Raiders to death. Hillman gets the first down after a gain of four

1st & 10 shot gun, Tamme in motion from backfield. Moreno gets a block and gains 8

2nd & 7 gain of eight on the run up the middle. FIRST DOWN! Moreno

1st & 10 OWN 46-- TIMEOUT on the field... gain of three

1st & 10 OWN 28 play action. Scrambles right. Finds open receiver No. 17 for first down! Caldwell

1st & 10 Broncos --- Two plays into possession and already a first down. Nine yard pass and a three yard run

4th & 5-- PUNT--- Fair catch at OWN 16

3rd & 12  Shotgun... Ball is bobbled, caught, but about five yards from first down

2nd & 10 TIMEOUT ON THE FIELD--- Back! McFadden gets the handoff. Goes right, can't cut the corner loss of two

1st & 10 from OWN 20 play action. Another deep pass. BROKEN UP BY MOORE! What a play

Raiders to receive-- Touchback

About a 34-yard FG coming up--- GOOD! 

3rd & 14 have to get to the one for the fist down. ... Overthrows Tamme in the end zone!

2nd & 9 MANNING SACKED AGAIN! Loss of five

1st & 10 Shotgun ... Draw play goes to Moreno. Gains just one


1st & 10 from Raiders 12

1st & 10 Manning working the line of scrimmage changing the play.. Pass to the left. Thomas with the first down! Can't be taken down! 

1st & 10 shotgun.. Hillman with the big hole! Gain of 13 on the run

1st & 10 D. Thomas with the first down grab in Raiders' territory

2nd & 3 Moreno cuts it back to the middle for the first down run

1st & 10 from OWN 34... Moreno patient up the middle, almost breaks the tackle for a huge gain

1st & 10 Broncos from Own 21. With time again! Pass to Dreesen first down! 

1st & 10 Underthrown and intercepted! The Broncos are unforgiving on defense. 

3rd & 9, will the Broncos bring pressure?... Palmer with a deep pass!! Down to Broncos' 23

2nd & 9 McFadden tries to go right, stopped! No gain

Raiders will start from OWN 19.. McFadden pushed for a gain of just one yard

5:09 left to play in the first quarter

43-yard FG is GOOD!

3rd & 10... SACK!! Manning dropped back to around OWN 30 

1st & 10 from OWN 21. GOES TO THE ENDZONE!!! Pass broken up

1st & 10 Peyton Manning is cruising! First down with pass to the left. Tamme with the grab

1st & 10... Manning jumps, lol would be called for traveling, gets the ball off after the fake jump pump.

2nd & 3 flag on the Raiders.... First Down!

1st & 10 from OWN 49... Moreno gets the handl off and goes for seven

2nd & 9 gain of four... 3rd & 5 first down with pass over the middle! 

Shotgun... Delayed handoff to Moreno... Gain of one

1st & 10 from around OWN 25

No flag.

Broncos back to receive... FUMBLE!!! Holliday wanted contact before catching the ball. Broncos' Carter recovers. 

2nd & 10 --- Raiders quickly get out of there. Only gained five yards in that possession.

Palmer drops back... Dropped pass by McFadden.

TOUCHBACK! Raiders will begin at OWN 20

PAT GOOD!---- Raiders to receive--- 10:30 left to play in first

Broncos march 68 yards in 4:30 minutes

2nd & 4 from Raiders 7... WITH TIME!!! TOUCHDOWN!! Passes to Dreessen!

Quickly 3rd & 10 Short pass to Moreno... FIRST DOWN AND MORE!

1st & 10 Pass up the middle. Doesn't put enough on the pass. Incomplete

3rd & 6 first down. Decker slips again. Team must check his footgear. Dude is always tripping or slipping

2nd & 6 incomplete pass to the right

1st & 10 Broncos, gain of four on run up the middle

2nd & 5 run gets stuffed, 3rd & 5 Raiders hold the Broncos, wait, FLAG! Holding on the defense

1st & 10 shotgun Manning-- Complete pass to the left. Gain of five

Broncos receive-- Holliday brings it out to OWN 32

Teams are on the field and kickoff is now about five minutes away.

------------Welcome to the live blog of Raiders vs. Broncos-----------

Kickoff is less than 10 minutes away.

Join us in this live blog of the Denver Broncos versus the Oakland Raiders as kickoff is a little after 8:30 p.m. ET.

These two teams met in Week 4, the Broncos overwhelmed the Raiders 37-6.

The Broncos are already owners of the AFC West and they can thank Peyton Manning for this.

He is first in the league with an 81.1 QB rating. He ranks second in the NFL with a 68 percent completion percentage, fourth with 7.8 yards per pass and third with a 20+ touchdown to interception ratio.

The numbers on Manning are 3,502 passing yards, 29 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

The Broncos have done their best allowing teams 16 sacks. Keeping Manning on his feet is important for the Broncos since the QB is coming out of neck surgery.

Their defense has been better than last year as they are ranked in the top 10 in defensive categories. They are 10th in points allowed (20), 3rd in the league in total yards allowed (308), 6th in passing yards allowed (211) and 7th in rushing yards per game (96.4).

It is an uphill battle for the Raiders, but they have a pretty good quarterback in Carson Palmer, but the rest of the team has not responded, especially the defense.

To keep it simple, they have allowed the most points per game at 31.3.

Check out the score and play-by-play of this matchup.

Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article for the latest scoring updates of this AFC West game.



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