Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Robert Griffin III Signed if Carson Wentz, Jared Goff Not Drafted? Johnny Manziel Option for Tony Romo Backup

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Jan 28, 2016 09:14 AM EST
Robert Griffin III
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III celebrates a play during a 2015 game."

The Dallas Cowboys are certainly keeping things interesting this offseason when it comes to their need of a backup quarterback. Dallas has made it clear that finding someone that can be a talent behind Tony Romo and eventually take over the franchise is a priority this offseason and they will explore all options in order to find the right guy. According to both head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones, this is something the Cowboys cannot afford to get wrong, so which way are they leaning?

According Cowboys' legend Troy Aikman via SI Now, the Cowboys will sign either Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III to be a backup quarterback next season. Both Griffin and Manziel are expected to be released from their respective teams and they both have deep ties to the state of Texas. It seems like a perfect match except that neither quarterback match the style of Romo and neither quarterback has had much success in the NFL so far.

Jones is remaining very coy about the situation. With the No.4 pick in the NFL Draft, the Cowboys could get one of the top rookies this year and begin developing him behind Romo. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys have spoken with Carson Wentz at the Senior Bowl while Paxton Lynch remains an option as well. According to Jones, the Cowboys do not have to draft a quarterback either in the first round or at all this season.

"There are many options," Jones said, via ESPN.com. "There's free agency. The question you [asked], and I'm taking it literally, is, Do you have to? Have to do what? Do we have to [draft a quarterback] to compete for a Super Bowl next year? Do we have to to compete for a Super Bowl in the future? Do you have to have it in place after you have this draft? There's no 'have to' here, in my mind, because we have the luxury of having [Tony] Romo for a minimum three, four, five years here. So we're going to play football and hopefully play it well with a healthy Romo."

Jones is right to say the Cowboys have some flexibility considering they already have Romo as their established starter. However, how much longer that lasts is unknown. Romo confirmed that he would have surgery to repair a broken collarbone that ended his season this year just like it has before. There is concern about how much longer he can really play at a high level which is why Dallas is making the need of a backup a high priority.

Jones has admitted in the past that he is a big fan of Manziel's. The quarterback's off-the-field issues certainly diminish his value while Griffin is really an unknown right now considering he did not play all season. It is unclear if they are better options over someone like Wentz, Lynch or Jared Goff. Jones will weigh all of the options.

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