Dallas Cowboys News and Rumors: Greg Hardy Unlikely To Return To Team Next Season?

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Jan 12, 2016 04:25 PM EST
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Greg Hardy
Dallas Cowboys star Greg Hardy reacts to a play during a 2015 game."

The Dallas Cowboys will likely move on from the Greg Hardy experiment after he significantly impacted team chemistry.

The Cowboys have been extraordinarily tight lipped about the general reactions to Hardy in the locker room however most of the reports about him have not been positive. There seems to be a division among the players/coaches and the brass when it comes to Hardy. Jerry and Stephen Jones are looking at Hardy strictly on a number basis, sacks, QB hurries, and dollar signs while the Cowboys players and coaches have to be with this guy every day of the season.

This is where the disconnect has seemed to take place, knowing what it takes to win versus knowing what it takes to get by. Opposing players have said that Hardy gives up during plays and sometimes during games if things don't go his way. He becomes emotionally unavailable to his teammates and that often leads to a confrontation. He has been repeatedly late to personnel meetings and the Cowboys would not punish him.

The team understands why the Cowboys would take a chance on Hardy because of his numbers but it is a quote like this that should send Jerry Jones running for the hills,

"It's hard to have two type of line mentality guys in one room, so it's tough to figure out who the younger guys are going to follow. Of course they're going to look up to a guy who's a prolific player. But I just understand the game, and I know what it takes to win" --Jeremy Mincey.

With the notion that the younger guys might be looking to "follow" Hardy because of his production however at the end of the day it is a team game and Jerry Jones needs to do what is best for this football team. Releasing Hardy and drafting a guy like Joey Bosa or even picking up Olivier Vernon or Eric Berry in free agency should do wonders for this locker room.

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