NFL News and Rumors: Will Chip Kelly Get Another Job In NFL After Philadelphia Eagles Failure?

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Jan 12, 2016 04:27 PM EST
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Nelson Agholor
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor poses for the media with head coach Chip Kelly."

It is being reported that it may be harder for Chip Kelly to find a job than was previously thought.

Kelly's inability to connect with his players just showed how far he really was from getting his team to buy in. Now that Kelly is available most teams are choosing to wait on signing the former Oregon coach for fear that he does not know how to handle his players on the NFL level. In college Kelly's actions would be deemed innovative and it is unlikely a team on that level would give up on him but this is the NFL.

Teams pay their players and coaches millions of dollars to perform at a high level. If Kelly cannot manage his personnel like an NFL head coach and often alienates and devalues players it is rare any owner or GM would see any value in his skillset. Kelly's coaching style worked well in college however the translation has been far from smooth.

Kelly will likely be looking for a team with similarities to his old Oregon Ducks team however that should be pretty difficult because only a handful of teams need head coaches. If Kelly is going to be a success at the professional level he must learn how to respond to his players.  



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