NY Yankees Rumors: Shelby Miller, Jose Fernandez, Chris Sale Trade Options for Ivan Nova, Andrew Miller After CC Sabathia, Masahiro Tanaka Doubt?

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Dec 08, 2015 08:35 AM EST
Jose Fernandez
Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez throws out a pitch during a 2015 game."

The New York Yankees are trying to remain cost effective in every move they make this offseason. With high-priced contracts still on the books for the next two years, the team wisely avoided big moves for players like David Price and Zack Greinke despite the need for pitching. General manager Brian Cashman told the media that there is a plan to the madness and it starts with trade deals.

According to Cashman, he is not going to go crazy during the MLB Winter Meetings despite the need for another starting pitcher and infield help. Cashman sounds confident in the Yankees' roster as is and will only seek out changes if the right deal presents itself.

"Only if something presents itself. There's nothing to force,'' Cashman said, via the New York Post. "I use the surfing analogy: If the wave breaks the right way, I'm going to ride them. If they don't, I'll wait for another wave to come. And if it doesn't come, it doesn't come. There are things percolating. I don't know if it will get to the level of completing anything.''

According to the New York Post, the player most available in trade deals is Ivan Nova. According to sources, the Yankees will try and start at a high price for Nova in hopes of getting something in return as the pitcher struggled coming back from Tommy John surgery. For the moment, players like Brett Gardner and Andrew Miller are not available, but could be at the right price. However, what that price is remains to be seen.

The Post, believes a deal for someone like Javier Baez could be enticing for the Yankees. The Cubs and the Yankees spoke about a potential deal involving Gardner earlier in the offseason, but nothing ever came of it. They could revisit it if the Yankees do not make other moves first. New York already declined a trade for Shelby Miller, but the Braves are willing to take on Nova, that could change.

The Yankees must take a hard look at who is really worth keeping on the roster heading into the winter meetings. According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN.com, the Yankees should not be so set on retaining Miller or Severino if they can get a great deal in return. According to Marchand, the Yankees could show interest in the now available Jose Fernandez from the Miami Marlins. However, that deal would require a young prospect like Severino. That would be a huge upgrade for the pitching rotation if they opt to make the move.

Cashman stressed he is open to any move that could improve the team. Right now, Gardner and Miller should be considered expendable if it gets New York a better pitcher or infielder to help build on in the future.

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