Tim Tebow Rumors: ESPN TV Job and NFL Draft Means Career Over? Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Jaguars Could Fit

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May 13, 2014 03:53 PM EDT
Football player Tim Tebow and guest arrive
Football player Tim Tebow and guest arrive on the red carpet at the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, May 3, 2014."

Tim Tebow had a mountain to climb already if he had any hopes of getting back into the NFL and now after the draft, things look even worse for him getting into training camp or the preseason, as teams like the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys all took care of their QB situations and now he likely only has his ESPN job left to deal with.

Tebow was hired by ESPN earlier in the year and he was featured at the upfront presentation to the media by executives and since the draft is over and workouts are starting up, chances are his career is over. Tebow said that he would continue to pursue his NFL career while he is working for ESPN, but that doesn't seem like something that actually will happen, especially after the NFL draft.

Teams in the league already were not interested in Tebow and the ones that actually could be within the realm of possibility are now no longer options. The Cleveland Browns were one that conceivably could sign Tebow, but now that the team has Johnny Manziel, there is no way that Tebow is getting anywhere near that team. The Jaguars are the same, as they were local because Tebow is from Jacksonville and now that the team has picked Blake Bortles in the draft, any chance of that is done for.

Tebow did not really get a fair shake in the NFL and now it's fairly clear that his career will be over barring some unforeseen miracle or a team willing to take a flier on him. Last year Tebow was released by the Jets soon after the NFL draft and that was a bush league move, as he treated the team with respect and never complained only to have them cut him one random morning AFTER nearly every team in the league had time to sign other QBs and fill out their rosters into the summer. But the Jets and the way they treat players is another story for another day.

Tebow was released and then was signed by the Patriots and while many knew that Tebow likely would not make the roster, he lasted through training camp and into the preseason. Bill Belichick did him a favor and now Tebow's career is likely over and he will be sticking with the SEC Network and ESPN.

The Broncos may not have looked perfect when he was starting for them, but he got results and he led that team to the playoffs and a division title, something a number of starting NFL quarterbacks in the league have yet to do in their careers. On top of that, Tebow led the team to a 7-1 record over his first eight starts and also ended up taking the team into the second round of the playoffs after a win against the Steelers in the wild card round. After that Tebow was shipped off and while no one can blame the Broncos for doing that, it made it seem that what Tebow did the previous year was not a big deal.

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