Bet It: Kentucky Derby Betting in 2019

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Mar 05, 2019 05:56 PM EST

Amongst the sea of betting race in the United States, the Kentucky Derby is the, believe it or not, most popular. It is like the Super Bowl of horse racing and makes enormous media interest and attention from bettors and casual sports enthusiast along with industry equestrians and insiders.

It is also regarded as the most enthralling and heart-racing for two minutes in the world of sports. The Kentucky Derby creates or establishes a significant betting action since it's the most wagered-on horse race in America.

On May 4, 2019, the 145th Kentucky Derby is set to happen. If you're interested in betting this time of the year, here are more tips and information on betting the Kentucky Derby.

Types of Bets and Wagers

Aside from the conventional or usual wagers (Win, Place, Show), you can also wager in the different "exotic" pools. These pools include the first two (Exacta), first three (Trifecta), first four (Superfecta), and first five (Super High Five) wagering.

And getting a ticket in these pools can increase the chances of you getting a bigger payday.

● Win: You must bet on the horse which you believe will win the Derby.

● Place: If your horse becomes either the first or second rank, you can receive the place price.

● Show: Although this wager pays the least compared to other bets, you can win and receive payment of the show price if, keep in mind, gets first, second, or the third rank.

● Exacta: Guess or try to foresee the first two horses in the right order.

● Trifecta: Guess or try to foresee the first three horses in the right order.

● Superfecta: Guess or try to foresee the first four horses in the right order.

● Super High Five: Guess or try to foresee the first five horses in the right order.

In Kentucky Derby 2017, Always Dreaming was the most favorite to finish first place in the race, for the fifth consecutive Kentucky Derby. He finished at 9-2 odds. So, if you bet a two dollar win wager, then you can get $11.40.

When a horse with a small chance of winning finishes second, it will generate a huge two dollar Exacta payoff of about $336. On the other hand, when finished third, it will create a Trifecta payoff of $16,594, and Superfecta payoff of $151,949.

A lot of sports books, online websites and race, and racetracks agree with at least two dollar bets or wagers on the "exotic" pools. As such, you enjoy a much lower risk.

For instance, at some locations, you can place .10 cent, .50 cent, or $1 Exacta or Trifecta bets. In this way, you can have more options while betting more horses at a much lesser risk or cost.

Moreover, Kentucky Oaks-Derby double is yet another type of bet in which you choose the champion of Friday's one million dollar Kentucky Oaks as well as the Saturday's two million dollar Kentucky Derby.

Where to Bet

The question that most of you are itching to ask now is how and where to bet on the Kentucky Derby. And join in the thrilling and exhilarating action. Well, you can bet legally at the official partner and betting site of the Kentucky Derby, on advanced deposit betting platforms such as, simulcast centers, and racetracks.


It is never easy to bet on horse racing. However, choosing a winner and forecasting the enigma in the "exotic" pools to receive a considerable payoff takes more racing luck, skill, and time. About twenty horses are participating in the Kentucky Derby, and although the payouts are higher, it can be challenging to identify and predict the winner.

Horse racing must be supported on positive aspects and not as an outcome of who's the worst or best. If you want to get your chances up or step up the game, it would be best to study or learn some of the training tools and betting guides. By doing so, you will be more ready and capable to analyze horse races.

Being prepared is quintessential and learning what does not work and what works is, without a doubt, something that needs experience. All in all, betting on horse racing can, for the most part, be easy and fun. Essentially, there are three most common types of bets, namely, Win, Place, and Show. But, there are also "exotic" pools that guarantee you a higher payout. If you have mastered the three most basic bets, then betting in the "exotic" pools can become easier.

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