Aaron Hernandez Murder

Aaron Hernandez Trial Live Stream: Fiance Shayanna Jenkins May Testify

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial is back live on Friday and the coverage from the courtroom may see the biggest day yet for the accused star, as his fiancé Shayanna Jenkins may be called to testify and there is a chance she should implicate him in the murder of Odin Lloyd and this comes as she was given immunity after being accused of perjury in the case.read more

Aaron Hernandez Trial Resumes After Bomb Threat At Courthouse

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial has resumed after a brief delay on Thursday for a reported bomb threat at the Fall River Justice Center in Massachusetts, according to the Associated Press.read more

Aaron Hernandez Trial News: Witness Testifies Star Was Angry At Odin Lloyd Before Murder

The Aaron Hernandez trial on Tuesday revealed details about the week leading up to the murder of victim Odin Lloyd, with one witness speaking about a night out at a club that included both men, saying that Hernandez looked angry when he and was with the victim at a Boston nightclub in June of 2013, which happened just days before Lloyd turned up dead.read more

Shaneah Jenkins Testifies In Aaron Hernandez Trial: Fiance Shayanna Jenkins Sister, Girlfriend Of Odin Lloyd

The Aaron Hernandez trial has Shaneah Jenkins testifying this week and she comes in as the girlfriend of the victim Odin Lloyd at the time of his death and she is the sister of Shayanna Jenkins, who is the fiancé of Hernandez and her testimony is crucial in establishing the relationship of Hernandez and the victim of the crime.read more

Aaron Hernandez Trial Live Stream: Watch Online Courtroom Coverage

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial is continuing in Boston and the former New England Patriots star has been watching along in the courtroom as witnesses are called to the stand to give testimony and live coverage is streaming online from local news and national outlets as Shaneah Jenkins testifies about the relations between Hernandez and the victim, Odin Lloyd.read more

Aaron Hernandez Trial Starts: Watch Live Stream Online With Opening Statements From Court

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial in the death of Odin Lloyd starts on Thursday after a delay from the blizzard in the northeast and now opening statements will be coming from the two sides and local news has live stream coverage of the courtroom as the former New England Patriots star goes to trial.read more

Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Allowed In Court, Immunity About Gun Coming In Murder Trial?

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial for the killing of Odin Lloyd starts on Friday and girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins will be permitted to be in court despite the possibility she could be a witness in the case and there was an immunity hearing on Wednesday that granted Hernandez's cousin Jennifer Mercado immunity in the case and Jenkins could also be in line for the same request.read more

Aaron Hernandez Trial: Murder Case Starts Friday As Fiance Shayanna Jenkins, Mom Allowed In Court

The Aaron Hernandez trial is on schedule to start this week with jury selection in the Odin Lloyd murder case and as that gets ready, the former New England Patriots tight end has been granted his request that his fiancé Shayanna Jenkins and his mother Terri Hernandez be allowed in court during the proceedings despite the fact that they may be called as witnesses.read more

Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft Named Potential Witnesses In Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial

The Aaron Hernandez trial has a start date in January of 2015 for the murder of Odin Lloyd and both Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft have been named as potential witnesses in the proceedings, as the prosecutors have listed them in legal documents as options to testify in the case.read more

Aaron Hernandez Rumors: Murder Trial Delayed As Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Worried About Verdict?

The Aaron Hernandez trial for a double murder that occurred in 2012 has been delayed so that lawyers and Hernandez's defense team can prepare for his other trial in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, which will begin early next year and this comes as his girlfriend and fiancé Shayanna Jenkins is facing perjury charges related to the case.read more

Aaron Hernandez Rumors: Odin Lloyd Murder Trial Change Denied As Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Visits Jail

Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is set to go to train next year in the murder case involving the death of Odin Lloyd and his lawyers have argued that the venue for the trial should be changed due to media coverage and this comes as Hernandez's fiancé and girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins has continued to visit him in jail leading up to the eventual start date for the trial.read more

Aaron Hernandez Case: Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Visits As TE Reading Harry Potter, Drawing Nude Women In Jail

Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez is in jail awaiting trial for multiple murders and new reports have him passing the time with visits from his girlfriend and fiancé Shayanna Jenkins, reading "Harry Potter" books and sending letters with drawings of nude women from his cell in Suffolk County Jail in Massachusetts as he waits for the Odin Lloyd trial to begin in January.read more

Aaron Hernandez Rumors: Legal Team Wins Ruling On Odin Lloyd Evidence

Aaron Hernandez and his legal team scored a win in his murder trial in the hooting of Odin Lloyd, as the judge agreed that certain evidence that was taken from electronic devices from Hernandez's home cannot be used in the trial once it starts in 2015.read more

Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Wants Perjury Charges Dismissed

Shayanna Jenkins, the girlfriend and fiance of Aaron Hernandez, is looking to have the perjury charges levied against her in the murder case of Odin Lloyd dismissed by the court according to the Associated Press, as her lawyers submitted a motion looking to get the charges thrown out.read more

Aaron Hernandez Trial: Judge Considers Motion To Exclude Evidence In Odin Lloyd Murder

The Aaron Hernandez trial for the Odin Lloyd murder is expected to start early next year in January of 2015 and the judge in the case ruled that she will consider a motion from Hernandez and his attorneys about excluding certain pieces of evidence when the case eventually goes to trial.read more

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