Bush Offered to Buy Marlins from Loria Recently and Was Turned Down

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Feb 06, 2013 10:59 PM EST
Owner Jeffrey Loria and Marlins' Manager
Former Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, poses with Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria after a news conference in Miami. Guillen is now fired and the team barely resembles the squad that opened the season.

Bush offered to buy the Marlins from currently owner Jeffrey Loria, no, not former President George W. Bush or his father George H. Bush, but Jed Bush the former governer of Florida. Apparently, baseball business runs in the family. However, to Jed's dismay, Loria didn't bite and reused to sell the team.

The Marlins are currently in a very bad situation to say the least. Half the team is gone, the stadium is horrendous, too big and now the team doesn't have anybody that will attract fans. 

Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Heath Bell, Mark Buehrle and Emilio Bonifacio are all gone. The sole spirit that remains and isn't too happy about being in Miami now is Giancarlos Stanton, who is also the only player who can hit home runs in that ball park. 

All these guys are now in Toronto playing for the Blue Jays. Meanwhile, Loria is probably the most hated owner in baseball right now. Not even the Steinbrenners could have done a bigger screw up than Loria and the Yankees aren't looking too bright in 2013. 

Everybody in Miami is unhappy and you can now add Jed Bush to that list. 

Loria did win a World Series with the Marlins in 2003. Everybody seems to forget that. Who can blame fans though? Last year, the Marlins were supposed to compete for the N.L. East title and were a heavy favorite. However, half way through the season, they traded Hanley Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers and that triggered the downfall of the fans attendance and the Marlins chances of competing in the future. 

Apparently, Loria wants another crack at bringing a championship to Florida. He not only refused Jed Bush's offer, but a number of other people have tried buying the team. They might see something worth investing in this team, but Loria believes he can do it the best. 

The Marlins are currently worth just under $300 million. Their payroll is disgustingly low and are expected to finish in last place in the N.L. East division this year. 

The Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves powered up. The Philadelphia Phillies look to begin the season healthy and the New York Mets, well, they have rookies coming out of the gate.

So for now, Jed Bush can relax and see how the 2013 season plays out for the Marlins. He might want to keep his phone close though because the Marlins are set to bomb this season and don't be surprised if you hear it from the crowd attending the games. 

Jed Bush's brother, George, was a part owner of the Texas Rangers from 1989-1998. The Ranger slightly successful in the late 90's, but they didn't make too much noise before and after that until Nolan Ryan became the President of the organization. 

Maybe the Bush family isn't meant to run franchises. 

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