Colin Kaepernick Has New Model Girlfriend Named J. Marie (Photos)

Jan 31, 2013 12:33 PM EST

J. Marie

Since giving the opportunity to become a starter in the NFL, quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been riding high and as adjusted well to his new found celebrity.

Kaepernick in his 10th start in his NFL career will be in this year's Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens, and though he's become a big winner on the field, off the field he's winning in love as well.

Past reports tell of Kaepernick's breakup with ex-girlfriend Corban Fennel in December, well no it appears he's since moved on and is now dating popular "up and coming model" J. Marie.

Marie took to her Facebook page to confess her love for the "humble" 49ers star:

"The guy I fell for isn't ghetto, is a gentleman and respect a woman. He doesn't smoke and party and loves helping people out. He is the most humble guy I've ever met and made me a BETTER person. We have fun just spending quality time together and going to the movies and he doesn't need to show off his nice things and brag about how successful he is. He's not selfish and thinks of others too. I taught there wasn't anymore guys left like this, but once I started changing my life style, I actually started attracting a real man. He's consistent with me and I know doesn't need me, but wants me. God will never take away good people in your life, keep them and value them because those type of people are hard to come by.

"Intelligence is sexy, I love a man who could teach me new things and out talk me. Looks could only go so far and being cocky is a turn off. I love learning new things and if we could just sit at a dinner table and connect with each other, then that's a definite plus. When we have the same values, that's a big turn on. Trying to show off because you're going to the Super Bowl. I like a humble guy, it's crazy how fame will get to some people."

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