Tim Tebow Forced on Owner, Exit from NFL Awaits QB as Drama Continues to Build?

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Jan 22, 2013 03:21 PM EST
Tim Tebow Jets
Jets' Tebow on the bench against the Bills in Orchard Park

Woody Johnson pulled a Pontius Pilate as he attempted to clean his hands on the Tim Tebow situation saying the quarterback was forced on the New York Jets owner during last year's offseason. Johnson subtly blamed former general manager Mike Tannenbaum for making the final decision on Tebow.

We all know the results of that trade.

The Jets struggled, they had three quarterbacks, Tebow was the backup and then demoted to third string following the brief emergence of Greg McElroy. The Jets missed the playoffs and now the Tebow situation is attracting all the attention following a horrid season highlighted by injuries and a butt fumble. 

The Jets don't seem ready to bring Tebow back. No NFL team wants Tebow in their roster. The Arizona Cardinals have been rumored as a possible landing spot, but that might not sit well with franchise wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. We know the Jacksonville Jaguars have never been too fond of Tebow. 

So when a team that goes 2-14 (Jaguars) and another team that didn't have a passing game (Cardinals) and went through four difference quarterbacks don't want you, where else can you go?

The NFL doesn't seem like the right place for Tebow. So is the CFL his final option? The Canadian Football League would reap from the benefits, so why would they say no? 

Ricky Williams was one of the NFL's high profile stars who eventually moved to the CFL. Williams was suspended in 2006 and he joined the CFL just so he could play the game that he loved, or thought he loved. 

If Tebow joins the CFL he can probably break records for having the most popular jerseys sold. He has a huge following and despite his lack of play in 2012, fans still believe in him. 

Tebow was a scoring machine in college while playing for the Florida Gators. He even took the Denver Broncos to the second round of the playoffs, so he has been successful, to some degree, in the NFL. 

The Jets acquisition of Tebow never made sense and ultimately dropped his value. 2012 was pretty embarrassing for Tebow, so where else could he turn to if he indeed wants to play football?

A start in the CFL league can lead to a starting spot. Since the weakest teams in the league are closing their doors on him, maybe then, he can build his value and work his way back into the NFL. 

Jets' owner, Johnson, is currently looking for GMs that can fix the Tebow situation. Whether Tebow wants it or not, it looks like he will be getting cut by the Jets. 

What would you do if you were Tebow, hang around in a league that doesn't want you or play somewhere else? 

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