Jose Canseco Running for Mayor of Toronto? Check Out Policies and Campaign

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Jan 08, 2013 05:09 PM EST
Jose Canseco

The former MLB slugger, Jose Canseco was working his way into politics as he attempted to become the next mayor of Toronto. There's even a hash tag made for the major leaguer in attempt to popularize his campaign via Twitter "#yeswecanseco". However, it dawned upon the 17-year veteran that he had to be a citizen of Canada in order to govern over a city. 

Despite all this, it's still fun to look at the changes Canseco wanted to bring to Toronto. Though his campaign was nothing like President Barrack Obama's, Canseco was promising change from fast food spots to getting rid of "haters". Let's look at his campaign featured on the site 

First of all, must say that is a very clever site.

NHL Lockout: Though pretty sure he wasn't up all night negotiating with the league, this was one of the changes Canseco promised people of Toronto. That problem is solved now without Canseco lifting a muscle. Maybe he in fact is that powerful?

Hugs and Burgers: These are separate policies. First, the Hug Store, under Canseco's watch, would remain open 24/7. "Hugs for everyone, especially the 2.6 million residents of Toronto." Apparently they are in need of love and physical contact up there.

No In-and-Out Burger joints in Toronto? The horror!! Canseco is very passionate about fastfood apparently, maybe not so much about health. But the candidate believes In-and-Out Burgers are the best and must in every city in the world.

Haters: This must be a joke because it's how the policy is presented. For this one we bring you the picture and quote all in one. It's not as funny when paraphrased and I'm not sure there's any way to paraphrase the final policy. 


If there's anybody in this world who knows about haters, Canseco will tell you he's the first one on the list. 

He was controversial as a player and after retiring. He took down active and retired players down with him and fed gasoline to an already flaming topic of steroids in baseball. 

Canseco is not the most popular guy in the world, but apparently, in Toronto he would have been safe with the application of this law. 

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