49ers vs. Seahawks Score: Live Blog with Play-by-Play of Sunday Night Football Game

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Dec 23, 2012 07:53 PM EST
Seattle Seahawks Russel Wilson vs. 49ers
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Wilson is tackled by San Francisco 49ers linebacker Bowman during the first half of their NFL football game in San Francisco

FINAL SCORE 49ers 13-42 Seahawks


Seahawks schedule for next week- They face the Rams. The 49ers face the Cardinals

Put this one away. The Seattle Seahawks are just .5 games from first place in the West

1:40 remaining in the game--- TOUCHBACK. THEY TAKE A KNEE! 

4th & 17 they go for it. Kaepernick. To the end zone. Touchdown 49ers. Walker bobbled the ball. But call stands

Ccan't get the first down on the run.. 4th & 2 Personl foul on Davis of 49ers No. 76 for being dumb and unnecessarily bodying a Seahaawks defender. 

================2 MINUTE WARNING===============

Walker drops it... 3rd & 4

2nd & 4 another first down... 1st & 10 49ers TIMEOUT... Couldn't get offense together before play clock ran out. 

1st & 10 Seahawks' 24 shotgun... Kaeperbick shows some Russell Wilson and ducks sack. Bounces it outside for a gain of six

2nd & 2 James creates some space. Moves the chains. First down

Kaepernick scrambles... gains about 8

2nd & 10 Quick pass left. Walker goes for 9... 3rd & 1 FIRST DOWN!

From OWN 10--- 49ers will take over --- 49ers at Midfield

PAT Coming---GOOD! .... 7:09 remaining--- If there was more time on the clock, I wouldn't doubt that the Seahawks would reach 50 

Lynch dropped for a loss... 2nd & GOAL ANOTHER TD!! Baldwin with his 2nd of the game. The Seahawks are going for their third consecutive 50-point game

Pass to the end zone... Flag on Brown of 49ers for holding. 1st & GOAL 

Flags fly after extra curricular activity. . . No foul on the play. 2nd down coming up 

13:00 remaining--- 1st & 10 ---- Seahawks continue to get first downs... 

1st & 10 --- it was 3rd & 1... Lynch then rushed for first down. 

2nd & 10 Lynch breaks tackle. Close to first down

1st & 10 OWN 20 shotgun... Lynch gets the handoff... gain of nothing

shotgun Kaepernick picked off!!! INTERCEPTION!! Touchback

---------------------END OF THE 3RD QUARTER-------------------------

3rd & GOAL from the three

1st & GOAL incomplete pass... 2nd & GOAL gain of two on run to the left

1st & 10 Gore with the run! Down at the five!

With Crabtree and Moss the only starters out there, they will both have to step up 

1st & 10 Kaepernick throws it behin Crabtree

2nd & 4 FIRST DOWN! Celek with another grab. 

Moss with the great catch! Ball almost intercepted. Moss there to gra deflection

1st & 10 Celek, Garett Celek with the catch and keeps running! Dwon at Seahawks 35

The 49ers need a score. Game could have been 28-13 had they not turned it over on the Manningham fumble

3:15 remaining in the 3rd quarter--- 

49ers to receive--- James takes it again. Brings it up to OWN 30

Yep! Left foot completely in. Tip toed rigth foot in the end zone

Lynch will go for hat trick ---- Wilson has to throw it away at the end of the play... 3rd & GOAL shotgun Pass to the right.. .GRAB!! BALDWIN TOUCHDOWN!!! Apparently he got both feet in.

3rd & 6 Turbin with the grab! FIRST DOWN! 1st & GOAL

2nd & 10  Scramble right. big hit! Miller with the grab gains about 5 

Pass to the end zone! Kearse can't make consecutive catches. Ball goes off hands. 

1st & 10 TIMEOUT 49ERS 5:50 remaining in the third quarter---

3rd & 9 First down reception! ... Seahawks move the ball and stop the clock. Painful for the 49ers

2nd & 10 Lynch gains a yard

1st & 10 Rodgers can't make the interception! Ball hits off both hands. Rice with the throw on trick play

3rd & 1 first down after forward progress. 

2nd & 10 Wilson escapes a collapsing pocket! Runs a yard shy of the first down!

Seahawks going for the kill!

1st & 10 at midfield play action. with time! Let's it fly. PASS BROKEN UP!!! Almost intercepted. Thrown into double coverage. 

3rd & 2 Brookes chases Wilson, who gives it to Lynch. Lynch bobbles, but gets the first down and more. 

2nd & 10 Fake to Lynch, no he gives it to Lynch. Goes for gain of eight

1st & 10 Seahawks with the ball... at OWN 32 play action. Nobody pen down field. Wilson steps back and throws it away.

TIMEOUT--- Manning walking with help to the 49ers sideline

2nd & 10 shotgun. Manningham drops it. Seahawks say it's their ball. REFEREE OVERTURNS IT! Manningham is down. Looks to be injured. Knees were hit. Kaepernick is at fault. Late getting the ball out. Manningham is really in pain 

1st & 10 from Seahawks 32 four backs. fake. Kaepernick looks deep.... Incomplete. Moss intended receiver

FIRST DOWN! ...Seahawks D getting lazy? 

1st & 10 13 yard pass! Moss witht he catch... 1st & 10 from the 33 deep pass! Crab tree with the catch! 

11:52 to play in the third quarter--- 

4th & 3 Ginn Jr to receiv e punt. Fair catch at the 20. 

3rd & 8 Wilson ducks a sack. The circles away Twice and then skips over a defender. Amazing run despite no first down. 

2nd & 10 Lynch smothered, escapes defender and dives for two

Goldson breaks up pass... 

Seahawks have the ball--- Lynch attacking early on. 

-----------------------FIRST HALF IS OVER-------------------------


SEAHAWKS TO RECEIVE--- :26 seconds left. Will start from OWN 20... 

AKERS FROM 54 yards! IT'S GOOD! ---That one would have been good from 60! 

3rd & 23 Kaepernick  has to throw it away... 4th DOWN they should go for it!

2nd & 23 pass thrown away. More blitz came. 

TIMEOUT 49ers! Last of the half

1st & 10 at 23. Kaepernick SACKED!!! Dropped for a loss of about 10

1st & 10 in Seahawks territory.... MOSS WITH THE DIVING GRAB! Didn't look so old on that play. 

2nd & 2 Kaepernick with bullet to Crabtree--- FIRST DOWN!

From 33.... Crabtree with the grab. Gain of 8

1:58 minutes remaining--- James follows Walker on the return... Good field position for the 49ers

1st & GOAL---------- Lynch stopped. 2nd & GOAL TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!!!! Wilson with a TD pass

Two Lynch runs have the Seahawks knocking on the door

Seattle taking advantage of a penalty called on the 49ers for personal foul

1st DOWN!! WIlson runs for a first down. TIMEOUT Seattle... 4:38 remaining in the first half

3rd & 6 injury timeout.. Brown on the field. INJURY TIMEOUT

1st & 10 Wilson takes it back to line of scrimmage... 2nd & 10 WILSON STAYS ALIVE AS THE 49ERS BRING THE HEAT! Gain of four

Washington takes it back to OWN 40!!

Akers on the field------- FG GOOD! 

3rd & 9 Incomplete pass to Crabtree. Too hard of a throw... here comes another FG

Had a screen set up on leftside of the field

2nd & 11 shotgun KAepernick decides to run it. Gains maybe a yard

The fans don't care! They get loud! 1st & 10 short pass. STOPPED! 


1st & 10 from OWN 20... Lynch takes it for seven.. FLAG... Holding on Seahawks.

Ineligible receiver. No 74... PUNT-- Booming punt. Washington reverses it and gains four yard out of run.

2nd & 15 James goes for five--- 3rd & 10 Kaepernick Drops back with time. Wide throw. There's a flag. Maybe holding since Kaepernick had so much time 

2nd & 10 DELAY OF GAME! Whistles can't be heard. This is what happens when you have inexperienced QB playing in CenturyLink Field

1st & 10 Walker intended receiver... Sherman there to break it up!

James takes it to the 19... 13:57 to play--- Davis taken back to locker room for head injuries

PAT GOOD!--------- 49ers to receive... We still ahve a lot of time left to play in the second quarter. Over 14 minutes and the Seahawks have 3 touchdowns


3rd & GOAL Kaepernick with a lot of time. Secondary smothered all the receivers. Almost intercepted

2nd & GOAL from the 4... Scramble goes to the left. Gets by a few defenders... gain of just one 

The personal foul call on the Seahawks' Chancellor looked like a legal hit into the chest of Davis. It was just powerful and created a whiplash as Davis was hit. 

---------------------END OF THE 1ST QUARTER---------------------
14-0 Seahawks lead 

Personal foul on Seahawks Chancellor with brutal hit to defenseless receiver... Gore gets the hand off! Takes it inside the five

3rd & 6 WIDE OPEN!!!!! DAVIS BELTED! Flags fly! Davis loses the ball. Will definitely be on the Seahawks. Davis is blinking hard as he walks to the sideline. 

2nd & 6 Kaepernick goes up! Manningham once again loses sight of position in the field and steps out of bounds

49ers doing a great job milking the clock and keeping their defense off the field

1st & 10 at the 24 play fake buys Kaepernick some time... Hits walker for four yards

3rd & 11 Crabtree might have saved the day. FIRST DOWN! Keeps balance and gets the first down. Did great job turning corner to get by Seahawks defenders.

3rd & 6 Playcalled dead! Play clock expired. Delay of game. A fan in the crowd predicted it! It's crazy how loud it is in here. Kaepernick looks to sideline. Completely confused. Gets the play

2nd & 6 Kaepernick again throwing up signals. Hands it to Gore. He's stuffed. barely gets back to line of scrimmage

2nd & 6 Kaepernick has issues communicating. ANOTHER TIMEOUT BURNED! 2:19 remaining in the first quarter----

1st & 10 Seahawks 34-- Gore goes for four

2nd & 6 Kaepernick drops back. Throws it over the middle! Ball looks to have skipped in. Hmmmm.... Ruled a complete pass! OH! Yes! Davis saves it before it hits the ground. FIRST DOWN!

Seahawks crowd has a chance to disrupt once again... Kaepernick tries to communicate again... Gore gets the handoff... VIOLENT TAKE DOWN CREATES FUMBLE!!! Seahawks swarm, BALL SQUIRTS OUT! 49ers take advantage and recover! 

Pete Carroll is FIRED UP!.... 1st & 10 from OWN 35

PAT GOOD! 49ers to receive james finds a hole! Runs it up to 35... No flags. Kicker with the tackle.

The Seahawks are on fire. 2nd drive and 2nd touchdown. Will the NFC West go down to the last week of the year? It will if this keeps up

Shotgun... Lynch bottled up... 2nd & GOAL from the 9... LYNCH WITH HIS 2ND TD OF THE GAME!

3rd & 1-- Wilson scrambles right. Gets the first down 1st & GOAL coming up!

2nd & 9 Okay, forget having issues finding holes... Lynch goes for about seven

1st & 10 Lynch now having trouble finding holes... gain of only one

2nd & 9 SIDNEY RICE GOES AIRBORNE!!! First down grab! 

1st & 10 run to the left goes for only a yard... Just Smith is not on the field for the 49ers

1st & 10 from 49ers 36 .... TIMEOUT.

2nd & 4 Wilson goes deep!! Catch is bobbled and made!!! Rodgers slipped on the defense. WoW! First down! Baldwin with the grab

1st & 10. Lynch takes it for about six. Run up the middle. 

9:40 remaining in the 1st Quarter--- 

Punt return... Fair catch... Seahawks start from OWN 14

3rd & 3 screen play deteriorates immediately... 2nd Punt of the game for the Niners

2nd & 11 shotgun.. empty backfield. Once again! Kaepernick uses agility to beat defender chasing him

i formation--- drops back. Pumps. Dumps it for a loss of two. Miller goes nowhere. Kaepernick in the meantime avoids a sack 

1st & 10 right at the 30 shotgun TIMEOUT! Forced to take timeout. Couldn't communite with line. Thank you crowd?!

3rd & 3 crowd really loud now... shotgun. James gets the hand off. They barely get the first down

2nd & 10 Kaepernick scrambles. Gains about six

1st & 10 i formation with Crabtree in motion... Gore gets it and gets bumped hard as he drops at the line of scrimmage. NO GAIN!

49ers to receive-- From 6 yards deep. James makes a few cuts. Dropped at the 20. 


Marshawn Lynch goes 25 yards for the score!. Have to check if he kept his left foot inbounds.

1st & 10 shotgun... Lynch gets the handoff. And there he goes! HE'S IN!! TOUCHDOWN!! Making it look tooooo easy! 

1st & 10 Wilson with the pass to Miller. close to first down

Seahawks get 15 yards gifted after Bruck loses his cool and takes part in extra curricular activities after the play.

Washington back to receive--- Hmmm, I wouldn;t kick it right at him.... From the 35.. Takes it up for 15 yards up to midfield

19 seconds in and the 49ers have to punt...

3rd & 10 this crowd is not letting up... shotgun. Kaepernick with time, but overthrows Crabtree.

2nd & 10 four backs in formation for 49ers. Pass incomplete. Smothering Seattle D. 

1st & 10 Mario Manningham is overthrown! Kaepernick went for the play action.

It's hazy in Seattle. Not surprising

49ers to receive---- 49ers will take over from OWN 17

Pete Carroll has to yell into the mic. This place is LOUD! 

Ladies and gentleman, sit back and relax as we will bring you everything that goes down in this matchup. 

------------Welcome to the live blog of the 49ers and Seahawks!----------

The San Francisco 49ers face the Seattle Seahawks in CenturyLink Field at 8:25 p.m. ET for Week 16's Sunday Night Football matchup.

Win today and the Seahawks can keep pace in the NFC West with the 49ers as they trail them by 1.5 games.

The 49ers have remained atop the division despite the Seahawks' red hot play as of late. The Seahawks have been scoring points by the bunch.  In their last two games, they have dropped a total of 108 points on their opponents.

Russell Wilson has been able to guide his team to victory and their defense has been absolutely powerful all year.

Speaking of defense, the 49ers are one of the best in this department. When it comes to points allowed, total yards, passing and rushing yards allowed, the 49ers rank in the Top 5 in the NFL. They allow the fewest points per game on average as opponents score less than 16 points per game.

Join us for this live blog of the 49ers vs. Seahawks. We'll provide play-by-play, scoring updates and colorful commentary of this much anticipated matchup.

We have seen division rivals faceoff today and if this matchup is anything like the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game then we should be in for a treat.

Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article for the latest scoring updates.

The last time these guys met it was Week 7 in a match dictated by defense as the 49ers took that game 13-6.

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