NBA Finals 2012 Game 5 Live Blog Online Here; Miami Heat vs OKC Thunder Live Update

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Jun 21, 2012 08:18 PM EDT
Chalmers One More
Mario Chalmers, who played an excellent Game 4, signals to fans that they will need one more win to be crowned NBA Champions. Tonight in Game 5, he waived a bit too early for Lebron's tastes."

Thank you for reading. Will follow-up tomorrow with Game 5 analysis. You can follow me on @Frankie_SWR 

ESPN another new LeBron James commercial.

New LeBron James commercial?

Still to come: Thunder Stars reactions.

Magic is not anywhere near Jordan yet. Neither is Durant or Kobe.

Barry believes James is on same playing field as Michael Jordan. Believes he is one of the greatest players he has seen.

Magic believes James will be completely dominant. Magic loves LeBron's mentality.

Question by analysts: Will winning a championship elevate LeBron James to higher levels?

Felt satisfied after he was taken out of the game. "Satisfication" he said. So excited he is making up words. 

Game got to this point due to hard work and dedication. Wade said the team would follow your lead. Coach trusted him and was able to come through for team. LeBron reminded teammates to keep grinding in the third quarter as the Heat had a huge lead. 

Went back to the basics. A lot of force and drive. Had to have fun. "Not think about the consequences." Played angry with chip on shoulder because he let a lot of things get to him. "Had to prove everybody wrong.... I was humbled in the Finals. I really wanted it but didn't do it in the right way." 

LeBron James: Happy dream is reality. Discussing struggles from last season. 

Durant: "It hurts...but I'm blessed to be a part of this organization and hopefully we can make it back. 

Coach Brooks in the huddle as time was winding down in the fourth quarter... Didn't get it done this year. Can't keep head down. Keep doing what you doing. And get better during summer. About staying together as a family. Asked team to treat Miami like champions and give them credit. "They beat us fair and square."

Magic Johnson: Thunder going through what Miami went through last year. OKC team, if kept together will win championship, whether next year or in two. Says Thunder should keep Coach Brooks. 

Analysts will speak about OKC soon. 

Mike Miller most threes (7) from a player off the bench in the Finals. 

Mike Miller as far as retiring. Will check with doctors. Says everybody put weight off their shoulders. Team had a lot of pressure coming into last season.

Mike Miller speaks with Stuart Scott- Had hit 0 threes in series. He let it fly and enjoy it from three. Said back was hurting. Happy to make it through in one piece. Been with 6 teams. Means everything. Once again says everybody made sacrifices. 

Stuart Scott hitting nerve asking about his son, Wade is currently battling child custody battle. More than happy he is able to share the moment with his son.

Difference in feeling: Blessed to win championship at 24. Did not go through enough since it was only during 3rd year in the league. This time he goes through a 15-win season and able to battle back year after year.

Wade says Mike Miller wanted it. 

More words from Wade: Says everybody in team sacrificed something to chip in tonight. "Great ending to an incredible season."

Kevin Duant will be the next Thunder player to speak.

LeBron James amongst few players to win MVP and Finals MVP along with Tim Duncan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan 

Coach Brooks: Experience is important. Not ashamed of loss. "We got beat by a better team." 

Valuable things taken from game: Being together. Putting in work. Improving. Will continue to keep building and working. 

In the mean time. Comment at the bottom of the article if you want. Should Mike Miller retire after this performance?

Coach Brooks: "They just took it to us tonight. We couldn't handle it."

Coach Brooks says  "While we didn't win a championship, we gave championship effort all season long." 

Still waiting for Scott Brooks' words. 

Wade earlier- "So much pain. So much embarassment from last season"

ESPN will be sharing words from Scott Brooks in a few minutes. 

Gotta wait for the losing press conference. Stay tuned as we wait for the cameras to take us there. 

Bosh says biggest contribution has been rebounding and scoring when he can. Says he came here to win a championship. And they finally did it. 

Bosh up at the podium.

Goal of team when he brought Bosh and James together was to immediately win a game. Said they were embarassed last season and were on a mission as soon as season began.

Wade says personal issues and being older made this championship different.

Dwyane Wade up with Stuart Scott

7th player to have multiple triple-doubles in the NBA Finals

Stuart Scott: What cross by your mind as clock hit 0:00?

James: It's about damn time. 

LeBron James receives the Bill Russell Most Valuable Player trophy.


Heat Win Game 5 and NBA Championship !!  

Sorry was working on a piece to go out at the end of the game. Heat win! 121-106.

102-120 The Heat are already celebrating. James is hugging everybody near the floor seats. 

LeBron and Wade come out with 3 minutes left. Crowd going wild 

Beautiful ball movement. Teams exchange buckets 116-96

112-89 Heat

TRIPLE-DOUBLE for LeBron James. 23 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds.

4:49 111-89 LeBron with great second chance points. Trip to the line. Mike Miller sits out. 

5:19 Miller misses another jumper. Same score 109-89

Halfway there. 

6:24 Wade with another block. Thunder ball. Three by Harden 109-89 Heat

6:58 Wade at the line. Misses first. Makes second 109-86. 

Heat are playing hard and acting like the team that's down. Wade attacks basket on two straight possessions

HEAT TIME OUT- 7:50 left in 4th 

8:30 Wade goal tends

8:48 Durant turnover. Wade steals. LeBron brins it up. Turns it over. 

8:58 Haslem at the line. Misses first. Makes second. 106-82

9:17 105-82 Heat

14 threes for Miami thus fire. Doubling LeBron has cost the Thunder. Great job by Heat role players. Would have been in deep trouble had they been struggling. Battier, Miller, Chalmers 13- threes. Bosh with the other one. 

9:33 Crowd cheering MVP as LeBron is on the line. 

9:54 Great LeBron-Wade pass again 103-79 Heat

10:00 LeBron good pass to Wade. Wade fouled. 

10:11 Who is that guy on his phone? He needs to text. Durant on the line.

Ray Allen had 8 threes for most threes in a single post season. Miller 23 points in 18 minutes

10:56 7 three pointers for Miller. This is truly amazing. Heat tie NBA record for most threes in Finals' game. Harden responds from three of his own. 101-77

11:40 Mike Miller is putting on a clinic. Another three for him. 98-74 after a Fisher three. 

LeBron James and the Heat are 12 minutes away from championships. Do the Thunder have one last comeback in them? Think about how deflating it would be for the Heat if they pull off the win? 


0:05 Chalmers picks up second foul. Westbrook to the line after a steal. 95-71.

0:31 Miller diving on the floor with "bad back." Thunder taking bad threes. LeBron bringing up the ball.

James relaxed Chalmers. Chalmers was waving to crowd trying to get them hyped up. LeBron tells him to stop and play 

0:48 Miller misses first three.

1:10 Durant not going away. Shoots three. 93-70 Heat

1:23: Heat players swarm Durant for turnover. Wade goes other way for And-1. 92-67. 25-point lead

1:48 Westbrook with a layup. Feels like a one-sided boxing match. Jame slows ball down. Gets intercepted

2:18 block by Wade. 

2:57 Mike Miller with another three. 88-65 after a Durant bucket

3:24 Bosh with a three. 85-63. It is mayhem in Miami. James with a block. then a foul on Ibaka


3:54- Largest lead of the night for Heat. 82-63. Heat had a great defensive possession after OKC passes ball around too much. 

4:42 80-63 back up to 17-point advantage for Heat

4:43 79-63 after LeBron free throws. Heat with ball. Wade fouled in attempt to finish alley-oop

4:46 How much can Fisher bench press? He just stopped LeBron dead in his track. Crowd cheering for a flagrant. And refs call a flagrant.

5:25 Chris Bosh at the line again 77-63 Heat ....17 points for Bosh

6:12 Perkins has five fouls 

6:32 Bosh goes through 2 defenders... Perkins, Durant. 75-63 Heat after Bosh completes 3-point play

6:46 Westbrook finally misses free throw. Makes one 72-63

6:57 Battier with a three. 10-17 from three for Heat. 72-62. Back to double digits for the Heat. 

7:21 Chalmers and Durant have words. Ibaka wants tech on Chalmers. Game getting too emotional for these young players? What do you think?

69-62 Heat

8:02- After turnover Harden-Durant alleyoop 69-60 Heat

Scrappy play by the Heat thus far in the game. Hustle plays making difference.

TIMEOUT THUNDER- Heat defense tightening up after lead was quickly evaporating.

9:32 Wade with a big block. Battier shots three from corner. 11-point lead. 67-56. 

10:09 Chalmers with a big three. Heat clutch so far in the game. 

10:40- Ibaka with put back after offensive rebound 61-56

11:12- Ibaka at the line. Lead just five. 59-54.

Within first minute of third, Durant with a three. 7-point game. 59-52 Heat 

Will the Thunder be able to battle back in this one? Answer in comments section. 


Will be writing quick piece with a first half summary. 

Westbrook- 13 points Durant- 14 points

Westbrook holds for final shot... Loses ball. Ibaka misses jumper as time winds down.

48.3 Pretty shot from Durant off the glass. 59-49 

10-point game with 1:10 left

The Heat have controlled every aspect of the game, except for trips to the free throw line. Even though Thunder are in early home, look for Durant to make a small run before the end of the half.

2:00- Moving screen by Perkins. Will this slow down the Thunder? Durant looked ready to attack basket again. Score still 57-45 Heat.

2:42- Battier with a layup. Shows versatility. 57-45 after Durant three.

3:06- Looks like there's vaseline on the Thunder rim. A lot of in-and-outs. Westbrook two free throws. 55-42. 

3:18- LeBron at the line 13 points in game

Westbrook again not showing good decision. Takes pull up. Even though that's his shot, should have taken it to the hole.

3:50 Good timeout by the Heat. Need to regroup on offense. Lead is 53-40. James with four points from the foul line.

3:53- Miller picks up fourth foul and also 4-4 three. Seems to be matching threes per foul. Back looked fine on that foul. Harden back on the line.

4:17 left James Harden calms down the crowd by getting fouled 53-38 after two free throws.

5:00 Mike Miller 4-4 from downtown. He has 12 points.... Heat run 4:42 LeBron scores on other end. 53-36

Bad call by the refs?

5:35 Wade called on a foul for his third of the half. Takes out Harden. 

Heat in 14-4 run in last 4+ minutes.

5:51 Bosh scores two after big block on the other end. Shows emotion after Scott Brooks calls timeout. 48-36 Heat. 

Chalmers with a turnover James tells him to look at him.... 

6:47 Chalmers three 10-point lead for Heat 46-36

6:56 LeBron James with a highlight. Pump fake  layup. 

Random question, is it just my TV or are the commercials super loud?

Brooks takes a timeout. Go into the short break with some disco. 41-34 Heat. Still over 7 minutes left in the first half of Game 5.

7:28 Bosh takes advantage of mismatch. Fisher was guarding him. James lucky pass didn't get intercepted. Has 3 assists.

8:01 Wade 1-2 from line 39-34 Heat.

8:26 Miller has missed two jumpers. Perhaps Spoelstra should suggest that he sticks to the three-point shot. Big block from James on Durant

8:45 WOW Fisher so lucky with that roll. No Thunder under basket to get rebound. 

9:23- Wade with tough jumper. 38-32

Heat 5-9 from three. 

Westbrook missed dunk that led to fastbreak. 

Miller a factor thus far. Can Mike Miller keep on shooting like this? Answering during the full timeout.

10:00 Wade with the put back after Westbrook misses dunk. 36-32

10:22 Foul on James? Harden flop? David Stern laughs. Van Gundy can't wait for new regulation to go through.

10:43: Fisher answers back with 3 of his own. 34-32 Heat

11:00 Miller with another 3. ...3-3 from beyond the arc

11:22 Offensive foul on Durant. 2nd foul game. 

11:47 7th trip to the line for Westbrook. 31-29

Sccott Brooks looks to correct easy buckets from Thunder.


Durant gets BIG with the dunk. Cuts lead to 31-25. 

2:50 LEFT IN THE FIRST MILLER WITH A 3. 25-17. Too many passes on that possession

2:00 Miller with back-to-back threes. 28-19 for Heat...

DURANT And 1. Takes trip to the line. 28-22

Harden trying to be aggressive. The Beard and Harden pick up a foul. Norris Coles picks up the call. 1 Minute to play.....Then hits a three. 31-22 Heat.

Announcers say it's the hair cut powering Coles. 


The Miami Heat have a chance to win their first championship since 2006.

 LeBron James can redeem himself for last year's NBA Finals defeat from the hands of Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

He has played an amazing series averaging 29.3 points a game. 

The Thunder will look for an answer as Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have not been able to beat the Heat despite big leads in the last two games.

Everybody is wondering if James Harden will return to his Sixth Man form as the Thunder have missed his dominant play in the Finals.

We will find out today as Game 5 progresses. 

Miami will hope that LeBron can get through the cramping that sidelined him toward the closing seconds of Game 4.

If still sore, he will not be able to be aggressive and the Heat will not win, unless everybody else steps up.

Win Game 5 and the Heat are champions. Lose Game 5 and the series can change in a flash as the series will head over to Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Tipoff is at 9 PM EDT, but I will be here during pregame and will stay on until the final buzzer.

Refresh the page for continuous updates. 


Pregame- Shane Battier will be another key factor in Game 5. Shooting over 60% from the floor in the series. 

LeBron James feels like he has done nothing yet. Seems focused heading into Game 5. Very mature turn around from LeBron after last year's postgame mockery of the Dallas Mavericks. Learned lesson. 

James needs 29 points to surpass 700 points in the playoffs. 

Pregame now switching over to ABC. T-minus 30 minutes. 

1985 Kareem, Worthy and Magic last three teammates to score 25+ in a game.

The Larry O'Brein trophy is in the American Airlines arena right now... Just in case.

Tweeted by @jadande
Tweeted by @jadande

Magic believes LeBron and Bosh will probably not get to the 7 Championships they promised when they were signed, but tonight will be a good start.

Harden is the key for the Thunder. He is the third piece of offense in their lineup. Harden needs to step up since Miami has had great play for entire team. 

Yeah James Harden will have to play like the Amazing Spiderman if the Thunder are to win. Durant already possess some of those abilities. (Durantula)

Appropriate song for the Heat with Fabolous' song in the pregame. Title of the song is "It's My Time" ft. Jeremih. 

Lineups and National Anthem coming soon. This would be a good time to use the restroom where ever you are. 

Cool presentation before the game by the Heat, honoring a soldier for his sacrifice. 

OKC Thunder Starting 5

Kevin Duran, Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins, Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha.

All of the Lights by Kanye West played as the Thunder were announced.

Miami Heat Starting 5

 LeBron James, Shane Battier, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade

If that intro doesn't get a team pumped I don't know what will. I think the Thunder were bopping along to that. 

LeBron is averaging almost 12 more points than 2011 Finals.

Durant has to get in the action. Has to use length to make a difference. They are talking about Durant being able to catch the ball where he wants it. Imagine if they got him a pin-point passer like Rajon Rondo? 

Heat take first possession and Bosh misses. 

The Heat electrify the crowd. Turnover by Durant. James with the jam.  2-0 Heat. 

Matchups- Sefolosha on James. Durant on Chalmers. Giving Durant a breather as he doesn't have to defend James.

Westbrook two shots already. 2 points to show for. Feeling Ibaka's presence down low. He has affected two shots in the paint already.

8:29- Thunder moving the ball early on offense. 4-2 Thunder lead. Bosh at the line.

7:54- Chalmers at the line. 3 fouls already on the Thunder. 6-6 score.

Battier 1-2 from three. Gives Heat lead. Alley-oop Chalmers to Wade. 11-8 Heat.

Interesting- Westbrook already four foul shots. Wade has 2 fouls and 6 minutes not through in the first quarter. 

More foul trouble 2 fouls on Sefolosha. And-1 for LeBron James. Makes free throw. 14-10 Heat.

Heat with tough defense in paint. James takes it to the hole on the other end. Another And-1 for James. Will be at the line after the timeout. 

Heat 16-10... LeBron with 7 points so far. 

Bosh returns favor after he gets scored on. 20-14 Heat. 

Ibaka either upset or hype about the foul. Yells as he goes to the line. Good job with the offensive board. 

1-2 Ibaka at the line. 20-15 ... Bosh blows by Perkins. No help. 22-15 Heat. 

Scott Brooks calls timeout. 

Heat doing it with great shot fakes. Ibaka failed to help on that play. Bosh for the easy two. 

Chime in with your thoughts: Who should the Thunder give the ball to after this timeout? Westbrook is their leading scorer.

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