Tim Tebow Rumors: Cleveland Browns To Sign Quarterback With Brandon Weeden Struggles? Michael Lombardi Could Make Deal Because Why Not?

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Sep 20, 2013 04:48 PM EDT
New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow
New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow throws a pass against the Philadelphia Eagles during the fourth quarter of their NFL pre-season football game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in this August 9, 2013, file photo. The New England Patriots have cut quarterback Tim Tebow from their roster, ESPN reported on August 31, 2013, citing "league sources"."

Tim Tebow is a free agent and so far there has not been much interest in him from NFL teams, but is there a chance that could change now that Trent Richardson has been traded and the Cleveland Browns appear to be tanking?

Okay, rip if you want, since there is not a legitimate source for this story, but as just an opinion, why the heck shouldn't the Browns sign Tebow? The team is dealing with an injury to Brandon Weeden and will start Brian Hoyer over backup Jason Campbell and while the team hasn't admitted it's tanking; it is, so why not give Tebow a chance and see what he does? General manager Michael Lombardi has praised Tebow in the past and okay, there is one unnamed source from a sports website that says the Browns are talking to him, but let's forget about that.

Tebow has been a polarizing player ever since he came into the league and after he joined the Patriots many wondered whether he will stick there for Bill Belichick. Obviously that did not happen and with the Browns totally demoralizing their fans after trading Richardson, why not give Tebow a chance? Tebow showed some development with the Pats, making some strong throws and a 50-yard TD in the preseason, but obviously he also was limited and overthrew a number of passes as well.

This is more speculation that anything else, but would it really hurt the Browns much to give Tebow a chance? Lombardi has previously made comments that he feels that Hoyer is a starting quarterback in this league and now he will get his chance over Campbell after the team made the decision and Rob Chudzinski said that he gives Cleveland a chance to win games, as they are 0-2 and desperately want to avoid an 0-3 start.

The team stunningly traded Richardson to the Colts and now Weeden will be out with a hand injury and his status is uncertain after that. Signing Tebow will not make the team into a Super Bowl contender, but why not give it a shot. Tebow has won a playoff game and a division title and that is more than Hoyer or Weeden can say and if it doesn't work out? Just cut him, no real risk there.

The Browns can say all they want about not tanking, but when you trade your star running back after one season after taking him third overall and then don't prime your other first round pick at quarterback his starting job after he returns from injury, I'm sorry you're tanking. Tebow is not the second coming of Dan Marino or even Jay Fiedler, but with all the quarterbacks the team has started over the years like Derek Anderson, Tim Couch, Seneca Wallace, Thad Young and Charlie Frye, is Tebow really much worse?

The Browns are currently ranked 22nd in the league in passing and the offense and are only gaining 219 yards per game and Tebow could at least make things interesting. Yes he is controversial and yes people hate him, but would it be so bad to try it out?...Maybe.

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