Did Aaron Hernandez Fiance Shayanna Jenkins Know TE Murdered Odin Lloyd? Girlfriend Seen On Surveillance Video With Star, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace After Shooting At 12:40 AM

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Jul 10, 2013 12:06 PM EDT
Aaron Hernandez girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins
Aaron Hernandez girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins in court. She has been mentioned in the 156-page document released by the court and may know more about what the TE did the night of the shooting."

Aaron Hernandez is in jail for the murder of Odin Lloyd, but did his girlfriend know what happened the night of the killing or more information that she hasn't told police?

According to Yahoo News, information that was released in the unsealed warrants and affidavits in the case may point to the fact that she knows more than she has said, as she was seen on video with Hernandez at home at 12:40 AM that night. Hernandez was seen on video with a gun that night and she said she previously went to sleep early while Hernandez went out.

The report says that Jenkins was on the video and was seen with Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace. The video also shows Hernandez moving the gun from hand to hand and showed Hernandez meeting the two men in his driveway.

Police took a number of items from the home, including a scale that could have been used to weigh drugs, clothing, ammunition as well as a "gunshot residue kit" from a mattress. The 156-page document has numerous details about the arrest and surrounding incidents, including Jenkins crying when she found out about the murder. The police also had four separate search warrants in connection with Hernandez's secret "flop house" apartment in Franklin and turned up more evidence, including clothing and ammunition.

The defense has said that the case is circumstantial and while lawyers have not said Hernandez pulled the trigger, they said that he was the ringleader. Police have yet to locate the murder weapon, but that will not stop him from facing charges in the state of Massachusetts. Various news organizations made the request for the information despite the two sides not wanting it to come out, but the DA did not object and the records were unsealed.

The police also went and took everything he had at the Patriots facility, which the team had already put together in a container. Jenkins was the one who dropped Hernandez at the police station and the records say that when they pulled her over and told her Lloyd was dead, she burst into tears and later she said she last saw him two days earlier. She described a father's day dinner with Hernandez from June 16, right before the murder and said that when she went to bed, Hernandez was away and she did not know with who that night. She later received a call from Hernandez telling her not to talk to the police.

Wallace pleaded not guilty on Monday to his charges of accessory to murder and Carlos Ortiz appeared in Attleboro District Court to see if he is a danger to the community. He is being held in connection with the crime as well as he is from the hometown of Hernandez in Bristol.

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