Surveillance Photo of Aaron Hernandez From Odin Lloyd Murder Night In Search Warrant Evidence, List With Items Taken By Police (Pictures)

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Jul 09, 2013 03:20 PM EDT
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez at his home the night of the Odin Lloyd Murder. The picture was part of a search warrant obtained by police and was released by request from the media and is part of the evidence in the case."

The Aaron Hernandez murder case has a host of new information released to the public on Tuesday, as a 156 page search warrant was unsealed by a judge and given to the local Boston media, putting a spotlight yet again on the former New England Patriots tight end.

The evidence is being brought out now, including a grainy photo of Hernandez from his own surveillance and so far the murder weapon has not been found by police. Numerous pieces of evidence were taken in by the authorities after executing the search warrants and there is evidence that Lloyd slept at the house two nights before he was killed less than a mile away.

Police came to search Hernandez's locker at the stadium and the Patriots already packed everyt8ing up for them. Ammunition was found in various places that was searched by the police, shell casings were found in a car under a child's drawing and Hernandez told his agent to tell his girlfriend to stop talking to the police. Jenkins told them that he was a marijuana dealer and another piece says that the Silver Altima, which is considered the murder vehicle, was returned to the rent company.

Hernandez called Odin Lloyd 'O' and texted him the day of the murder on his phone, he also was argumentative when cops first came and later closed the door on them. Pictures show text messages and they also found a dish and a scale used to weight drugs in the home. Hernandez also did not at first answer the door when police came and there were various warrants, including for his phone, home, cars as well as his security system.

Hernandez is facing life in prison and the evidence was released after a request despite that fact that neither side wanted it to be released by the judge.

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