Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Leaves Arraignment In Tears, Fiancée and Odin Lloyd Family Emotional, Texts To Sister, Video Footage Send TE To Bristol Corrections Jail

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Jun 26, 2013 04:08 PM EDT
New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez
New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is led out of the North Attleborough police station after being arrested June 26, 2013. Hernandez, a 23-year-old rising football star with the New England Patriots, was arrested by police in a murder investigation and fired by the team on Wednesday, another blot on the National Football League's tightly protected image. "

Aaron Hernandez is being held without bail after being charged with first degree murder and give other weapons charges in the homicide of Odin Lloyd and he is facing a serious trial ahead that could end his NFL career.

According to ESPN.com, a gag order has been issued in the case for the police and others involved and the arraignment and now Hernandez will await his next date in jail. Many different details came out in the arraignment for the case and showed that Hernandez was directly involved in the death of Lloyd and orchestrated the execution. Details showed that Lloyd was shot multiple times in the back and the chest and

Hernandez is on his way to jail now and his lawyers argued that the evidence is circumstantial and that he should have been allowed to post bail. He was denied bail and a gag order was put in place and the prosecution put out a nice amount of details, including communications between Hernandez and Lloyd as well as purchases made that night, including bubble gum. The timeline of events is clearer now as well, as things stemmed at first from an issue at a nightclub where Lloyd spoke to some people Hernandez did not like.

The details that came out showed that Lloyd was shot multiple times and that shell casings were found in a rental car found near the body. Hernandez and two friends met up with Lloyd late on the night of the murder and surveillance footage shows the player leaving his home with a firearm. According to the report, he was upset about what happened at the nightclub and that is where the murder started from.

The two are connected through Hernandez's fiancé, whose sister was dating Lloyd and now that has become more complicated after the crime and arraignment took place. His fiancé left the courtroom in tears, as did the members of Lloyd's family. Police searched the home of the tight end extensively and found evidence enough to charge him with first degree murder. People working nearby where the body was found said they heard gunshots late at night and now Hernandez is in jail instead of going home to his eight month old child and fiancé.

Hernandez was released by the Patriots today and reports said they were planning on that if he was arrested. He was taken in before 9 AM and then arraigned at 2 PM and now that more details have come out, Hernandez could be in hot water. Text messages show that Lloyd contacted his sister about being with Hernandez and now he likely will have to face a lengthy trial and that could mean the end of his NFL career after a short time.

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