Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs Score: Live Blog with Play-by-Play, Stats and Coverage of NBA Finals Game 3

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Jun 11, 2013 08:31 PM EDT
Miami Heat Score: Live Blog LeBron James Mike Miller
Miami Heat's LeBron James (R) and Mike Miller celebrate after a basket against the San Antonio Spurs during the fourth quarter in Game 2 of their NBA Finals basketball playoff in Miami, Florida June 9, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Segar "

SPURS ARE UP BY A LOT--- Click here to follow live score. 


4:21 Wade and LeBron aren't doing anything. Heat looking look like the Spurs in Game 2. 

5:07----TIMEOUT HEAT--- They can't score....Leonard for three! 

5:23 Leonard with the steal! GINOBILI WITH THE JAM!!!

5:42 Duncan called for the offensive foul. Wade bricks.... 

6:17 Miller for three! 10-point game again. 

6:53 Heat turn it over after Duncan misses the layup. 

7:30 The Spurs got the offensive rebound and Green sinks the three! 

Green 2-2----- 13-point lead for the Spurs.... 8:21 on the clock-- LeBron brings the ball up. Wade drives. LeBron for three. No. Hosh rebounds. Miller for three! He's done a great job filling in for Battier.

8:50 Leonard can't finish after grabbing his own rebound. Chalmers pushes it. Duncan hustles lands in the crowd. Then Leonard saves it from the Duncan rebound. Ball gets out to Green. Green gets fouled and goes to the line. 

9:33 Green for three!! He's almost automatic. 

9:53 Duncan gathers. Swish! Chalmers can't make the three on the other end. 

10:33 Duncan gets called for the foul. He had missed the shot on the other end. Duncan and Haslem horsing around. Bosh with the jumper. 

11:06 Heat to inbound. Wade misses the tear. 

11:38 Green with the steal. Brings it up. Heat transition on point. Duncan. I heard a slap. No foul. LeBron runs it. Gets fouled. 

11:49 Leonard with the steal. Splitter gets fouled. 1-1... 2-2....

--------------------END OF THE 1ST HALF----------------------
THe Heat went on a run, but the Spurs close the quarter with back-to-back threes.  


37.4 seconds-- Parker with the fade away three! 

52.4 seconds-- Parker 1-2 from the line.... Wade with the moves. Ties the game!

1:12 Miller with the three! One-point game. 

1:44 Spurs turn it over again. Green turns it over. Bosh goes to the line. 

2:25 ON THE CLOCK--- Wade picks up the turn over. LeBron fumbles... Lays it up. 

3:03 Spurs and Heat exchange threes. 8-point game. 

4:11- LeBron is cold... Bosh sinks a J. 

4:36 LEONARD WITH THE JAM!! 10-point lead for the Spurs! 

4:57-- Neal with another bucket. Spurs consistently hittng their shots. 

5:47 Duncan with the layup. . . 2-2...

6:45------TIMEOUT HEAT------- Bosh shoots. Brick. allen with the offensive board! Bucket!

6:54 Wade air balls. GREEN FOR THREE! Six-point game!

7:27 Heat cut deficit to one point. Cole with the three. 

8:38 Bosh penetrates. Draws another foul. 1-2 fromt he line.

TIMEOUT SPURS--- 9:07 left on the clock--- Spurs have a chance to take their first double-digit lead of the series. Bonner misses a three. 

9:34 Neal for three! No... Heat ball. James misses the three.

10:25 Birdman with the illegal screen. Spurs ball... Splitter gets fouled. No.  James then cries because he thought he got fouled.

10:45 James misses the jumper and Neal knocks down the three!

11:18 The Spurs controlling the offensive boards! Ginobili might have been fouled. No call. Heat run it up. LeBron almost turns it over. Andersen gets fouled.

---------------------END OF THE 1ST QUARTER--------------------
This is only the 2nd of 9 quarters the Spurs win. They're up 24-20 on the Heat.  

1.8 seconds-- Heat ball. Andersen shoots. Nope. Waved off.

QUARTER COMES TO AN END-------- Wait.... Refs calling the players back on the court. There was still time on the clock. 

37 seconds-- Heat ball. Green supposedly stepped out of bounds. Heat can't score. 

51.8 seconds-- Ginobili to Splitter! JAM!

1:06 Neal with the three! He keeps knocking those down. Heat with the pick and roll. Andersen with the jam! 

1:52 Miller inbounds. Cole drives. Tear. Good. 1-point game. 

2:30 Spurs turn it over. Heat dominating the offensive board. Green pulls the chair from under LeBron. James falls.

3:07 James drives and sinks it. Spurs answer right back... Wade then with the jam ont he feed from LeBron.

TIMEOUT SPURS--- Ginobili putting on a show!! Pumps and drives. DUNKS! 

4:08 Lebron runs lays it in! 

4:49 There's Ginobili with a layup. Mike Miller answers! THREE! Money.

5:10 Heat crashing the offensive boards. Bosh goes to the line. Heat's first attempts. Misses. 1-2 from the line.

Heat finally get a score. Spurs answer right back!

TIMEOUT MIAMI-----6:29 on the clock in the 1st quarter--- The Heat are 2-0 from the floor. 

6:41 Bosh with another miss! That's like his fourth. ... PARKER TO DUNCAN FOR THE JAM!

7:02 Illegal defense on the Heat. Parker misses free throw. Parker the drives and ball slips out of his hands. Wants foul. No foul.

7:50 Haslem misses jumper. Leonard sinks the J. LeBron has yet to take a shot. Has a mismatch on Duncan. Takes the jumper. Misses. Haslem brings it down. 


8:44 Spurs turn it over and Wade returns it with a double-dribble. 

9:36 Leonard with a three! .... Bosh with the layup.... Parker with the jumper! 

10:10 Bosh with another missed jumper. 

10:52 Haslem with a behind the back foul on Duncan. Spurs ball. Haslem blocks Duncan. Splitter gives Spurs second chance opportunity... Parker throws it away. 

11:10 Duncan taking over. Draws the foul. Duncan misses both free throws.

11:19 Wade with the reverse layup.

12:00 Duncan finishes...

TIPOFF!--- Spurs take it.

Who are you rooting for? 

--------------------------Game is about 10 minutes away

The Miami Heat face the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The Spurs are the hosts as they look to avoid a 1-2 hole in the series. If you can't watch or listen to Game 3, check out this live blog with play-by-play and up to the minute scoring updates of this championship meeting.

The Heat are coming of a huge win after proving that when they play well on both sides of the court, they can be a headache, even for a veteran ball club like the Spurs. It wasn't even close as the Heat put the Spurs out 103-84, leading by as many as 27 points in this one. They were led by Mario Chalmer and LeBron James made an appearance in the second half. They found answers for a Spurs team that was red hot from beyond the arc and both teams knocked down 10 threes in Game 3.

Now the series is tied 1-1 and nobody wants to fall behind. The Spurs have a chance to close out the series at home if they can win the next three games at home where they are 6-1. Their only loss came to the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the second round of the playoffs. If the Spurs are to avoid traveling back to Miami, they will need all they can get for Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and a ghostly Manu Ginobili. Danny Green and Kwahi Leonard are making their contributions in their own respective ways, but these guys don't know anything about carrying a team to victory in the NBA Finals.

The Spurs' Big 3 was shutdown in Game 3 as they combined to score just 27 points, a number totaled by just Dwyane Wade and James. When you take out Duncan and Parker from the equation, there aren't many weapons available for the Spurs, which is why Ginobili has to make a presence in this series.

San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker (L), Tim Duncan (C), and Manu Ginobili sit on the bench during their loss to the Miami Heat in Game 2 of their NBA Finals basketball playoff in Miami, Florida June 9, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper
San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker (L), Tim Duncan (C), and Manu Ginobili sit on the bench during their loss to the Miami Heat in Game 2 of their NBA Finals basketball playoff in Miami, Florida June 9, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

For Miami, all it took was a huge defensive play from their leader, James, to change the flow of Game 2 as the Heat went on a 33-5 run. Gregg Popovich was disgusted and basically gave up in the fourth quarter sitting down all his stars and putting in his bench. Speaking of a bench, the Heat have received great contributions from their role guys. Ray Allen and Mike Miller had the three point line on fire as they combined to shoot 6-8 from beyond the arc.

The Spurs have the crowd behind them, but the Heat are confident as they have won 5 of 8 quarters played in the first two games of the 2013 NBA Finals.

Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article for the latest updates of Heat vs. Spurs Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

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