Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls Score 115-78 FINAL SCORE: Live Blog, Play-by-Play, Stats and Commentary of Game 2 at 7 p.m. ET

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May 08, 2013 06:50 PM EDT
Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls Score Results Live Blog
A Miami Heat fan (C) yells at their team in the second half in loss to the Chicago Bulls during Game 1 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 6, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper "

FINAL SCORE-- 115-78... That's a 37-point lead for the Heat. 

Biggest margin of victory for the Heat. Biggest margin in a loss for the Bulls. 

27 seconds remaining--- Biggest victory of Heat's franchise in the playoffs? And-1 Cook goes to the line. Only :07 seconds remaining--- 

2:37 Remaining--- The Bulls are making this a respectable game now as they are forcing turnovers and hitting threes. 

5:50 Radmanovic pouring it on! 2 threes. 

Jones, Lewis, Anthony, Mike Miller and Coles on the floor. Cole can't finish after putting some beautiful moves on defender. . OH! Belinelli with the score after the steal.

The Heat are on a 48-15 run in the second half. How's that for a stat?

8:28 AND-1! WoW! Heat really punishing the Bulls now. Andersen with the And-1! TIMEOUT BULLS

Cook misses the three. Coles runs down rebound. Gives it to Mike Miller, back to Coles for the basket! 

9:26 Now the Bulls are making this ugly and extending this punishment as they continue hacking . Andersen at the line. 2-2.

9:40 Mohammed sinks jumper. Wade gets bopped. He gets up. Foul on the Bulls.

THe NBA will be making money from the TV revenue, fan attendance and now all these ejections as the Bulls are frustrated.

Allen sinks tech free throw. ANOTHER WHISTLE! Now Gibson gets T'd AND NOW HE'S TOSSED! He doesn't leave the floor and needs help from management. Allen at the line for another tech shot. 

10:27 Apparently, Spolstra told the Heat to work on their three pointers... and three-point players. Now Allen goes to the line for his third  possible And-1... AND NOAH IS GONE! He was on the bench and he gets thrown out for arguing a goal tending. 

Let's see who's on the floor first before the play-by-play is provided. You have Mohammed, Gibson, Belinelli, Teague and Cook.

For the Heat it's Battier, Wade, Cole, Andersen and Allen. 

------------------END OF THE 3rd QUARTER-------------------
12 minutes of garbage time? Heat up  85-56

18.6 seconds on the clock-- 202 from the line... JAMES FROM CUBA! No. Rims in and out.

Noah drives. gets fouled. Goes to the line for two.


1:17 Andersen with the jam! James with the assists. Offensive foul drawn by Andersen. Battier for three. No! Andersen fights for the offensive board. Sets the pick. Allen misses the three.

2:02 AND-1!!! Allen at the line. Completes the three-point play. Cole commits foul on the other end. Three-shot foul? Yep

Didn't look like ball grazed the rim, but Heat catch a break.

2:13 Allen with the offensive rebound... Heat have the ball as whistle is blown. Heat ball.

2:39 Noah and Chalmers go at it. Chalmers wraps Noah's neck on his forearm. Noah trash talking, but he walked away. 5 fouls for Chalmers. 

3:08 4-0 run for the Bulls. TIMEOUT HEAT--- Bosh sinks a J. The Heat continue cruising.

For those who want an idea of what this looks like... Game 2 of the Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers. Indiana couldn't sink a shot. Heat taking high percentage shots, while the Pacers can't buy a bucket.

4:27 Bulls with two chances to score. Nothing. Heat run the floor. Chalmers gets fouled. Misses first shot... Sinks second. 

5:25 Wade with it. Jumper. MONEY! ........ Here's LeBron to James!! WITH THE BOUNCE PASS! WADE GOES REVERSE! Points! 

5:43 the Heat are running with it. They trap Cook. Jump ball! 9 to shoot for the Bulls if they get the possession. Haslem wins the tip. Wade brings it down.

TIMEOUT CHICAGO BULLS---------6:36 Butler misses three after the break. James on the run. He pushes Boozer, no foul. Then James gets fouled.

6:44 Belinelli misses consecutive shots. However, Haslem called for the foul as he and Boozer went for the loose ball. Butler turns it over. Wade with the grab. Lays it up. 

7:30 Bosh with the J! . Noah drives. Boozer. Belinelli misses. James grabs the rebound. Belinelli tips ball, runs, out of bounds. Heat ball.

7:46 Noah to the line as he draws contact from Bosh. 2-2 from the line. Heat inbound.

8:40 Belinelli with a jumper and no Wade breaks down the Bulls D and Bosh gets the jam! Noah can't get the hook to fall. Somebody picked up a foul. Not clear who. The Bulls are in foul trouble. Boozer, Noah and Robinson have three each.

9:17 Boozer sinks the fade away jumper at the buzzer. Chalmers then dribbles around the key, breaks down the defense. Bosh with the layup! 

10:25 Both teams miss. Bulls can't score. Chalmer misses three from the corner. Then Noah gets charged for the foul. Chalmers picks up the rebound. James to Wade for the JAM!

10:51 Long two from Chalmers. Robinson fouled. Bulls inbound.

Boozer has the ball. Robinson at the top of the key. to Belinelli. Boozer with the offensive rebound. 14-3 run Heat. Boozer can't cut into that.

-----------------START OF THE 3RD QUARTER------------------

HERE'S inbound... Bosh already draws the foul. Goes to the line and misses first shot.

Heat shooting a whopping 58 percent from the floor.

LeBron James finished the first half with 19 points. Let's see how many points he scores in the 2nd half.

Here are some images of the first half.

Doesn't LeBron look a bit like young Mike Tyson? 

Miami Heat's LeBron James (L) drives past Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler during Game 2 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 8, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper
Miami Heat's LeBron James (L) drives past Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler during Game 2 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 8, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper


Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah (L) drives on Miami Heat's Shane Battier during Game 2 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 8, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper
Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah (L) drives on Miami Heat's Shane Battier during Game 2 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 8, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper


Miami Heat's LeBron James goes up to score against the Chicago Bulls during Game 2 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 8, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper
Miami Heat's LeBron James goes up to score against the Chicago Bulls during Game 2 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 8, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper


------------------------------END OF THE 1st HALF------------------------------
Heat on an absolute hot streak. Up 55-41 at the half.  

Before the half ends... Belinelli bumps into Cole. No call.

40 seconds left-- Robinson dribbles between Bosh's legs! Races to the hoop, but fouls Battier. Heat Ball. 25 seconds left--- 

Robinson knocks down a three off the timeout but then Cole sinks consecutive threes!!

TIMEOUT ON THE FLOOR---2:25 11-point lead for the Heat. the biggest of the game

2:33 LeBron James for threeeee! Bulls can't score... then James to Wade FOR THE JAM! THIS CROWD HAS GONE CRAZY!!

3:14 Wade breaks away and finishes strong at the basket. Bulls with the turnover. Offensive foul on Boozer. 

Butler continues scoring in groups of threes. Two threes and an And-1.

3:42 BUTLER WITH THE UP AND UNDER!!! Chalmers called for the foul! Butler went high off the glass as he was falling. 3 fouls on Chalmers. 

4:00 BOSH WITH THE JAM! Waste no time to score after free throws. 

0-2 from the line by LeBron.... Bosh called for a foul 24th in this half. Boozer at the line. 2-2 from the FT

4:10 Noah called for a loose ball foul. 2nd foul on him. LeBron at the line. LeBron looking at Noah who's talking on the base line as he awaits for the ball from ref to shoot his free throws.

4:36 Boozer with the hook over LeBron... Wade misses. Butler with the drive. Loses handle and it's Heat ball

Allen at the line. 2-2 from the line. Bulls bring it up.

TIMEOUT--- 5:04 remaining in the first half--- Heat up 38-31.

6:04 Bull balll and Boozer airballs. For entertainment sake we need LeBron back in the game. Nate Robinson cuts out the sloppiness by hitting a three.

WOW! Heat turn it over and can't make it a 12-point game. 8 turnovers for the Bulls, 5 for the Heat. . . Bulls are cold from the floor. Battier steps into a three. Bosh keeps it alive!!! Wade with the grab! NO! Butter fingers. 

7:00 Butler back in the game and Cole called for a pushing foul. Had a foul to give. Both teams over the penalty 

7:14 Cook's three goes in and out. Bosh with a fake. Hard foul by Boozer. Bosh looked as if he was ready to do something, but he walked away. BOSH to the line. LeBron James not on the floor. Bosh makes it a double-digit game.

7:47 Bosh called for the offensive foul. Same score and Heat leading.

Let the cheers begin-- AIR BAAAALL... AIIIIR BALLLL! Robinson nothing but space with a fadeaway three

8:35 on the clock-- TIMEOUT HEAT--- Heat hit the tech FT... then Allen goes for the And-1! Back to an eight-point game.

8:43 GIBSON WITH THE JAM!!! Just a four-point game now. TIMEOUT HEAT-- Hold up... Tech on Nate when we return.

9:16 After two extra possessions, Nate Robinson finishes with his first two buckets. James misses jumper. 

WOOO! Scrappy basketball. The Heat pick up the steal. James takes it down. Andersen then gets at Cook for holding on to James as he went up to get a possible And-1 call. Andersen has to be careful.--- LeBron on the line. 9:54 on the clock-- 1-2 for James

10:11 Refs reviewing call of Flagrant 1 on Andersen. 2-2 as Belinelli sinks both. Teague and Cole with extra curricular activities. Things are getting physical. Heat get ball. Allen sinks the tech.

10:24 Busy hands from the Heat. they are truly pressuring the Bulls. Teague almost steps out of bounds. Andersen with hard push on Belinelli. Flagrant on Andersen. deliberately pushed Belinelli out of bounds. Andersen points back to LeBron getting knocked down earlier in that possession. F1 on that call

10:32 James drives. Draws another foul! James to the line.Bulls Teague talking to himself or to James as he awaits for LeBron to take his free throws. 2-2 from the line. 

10:54 Gibson stops the bleeding with a jumper. Gibseon then called on loose ball foul.

Butler sits out. He has two fouls. Wow! Heat defense buckling down! Two balls tipped out of bounds and the Heat take possession as Belinelli was last to hit ball.

11:47 LeBron James to the line. Draws foul on Butler. 1-2 from the line. The Heat pressure on the inbound. 

------------------END OF THE 1ST QUARTER------------------------
25-20 as Heat finish the quarter on 13-5 run.  

LEBRON JAMES SINKS THE LAYUP AS THE BUZZER GOES OFF! 6-6 shooting 12 points in the first. On pace for 48 points. 

11.6 seconds left-- Noah turns the ball over. Completely threw the ball away. Heat ball. Miller throws in. James with the ball. 

11.6 seconds-- Oh! Beef on the floor. LeBron picks up the tech. Then he pushes Jame off. James originally picked up the foul on after pushing off on Butler.

2nd foul on Robinson. No points. The Heat will hold it and work on the shot clock. 

Heat can go for the 2 for 1 as the quarter is almost over. 2-2 for Noah from the line.

34 seconds remaining- Noah hits the deck as he throws up the layup and completely misses. Noah to the line. 

1:21 to play--- Butler en fuego!! Hits another three. James responds with a layup. 5-5 from the floor,

1:43 Ray Allen comes off the benchwith a jumper. Bosh misses a three.

2:37 Heat turn it over. Bulls pick it up and set their offense. Tight D by Battier and Butler can't sink the jumper as the buzzer sounds.

3:00 Noah REJECTED! He was taking it to the hole and Bosh appeared out of nowhere. Wow. Butler with so much composure. Doesn't bite on head fakes. 

3:12 on the clock--- After the Bulls knocked down the three... the Heat are now on a 7-0 run! 

Cole on Robinson, forces turnover. LeBron the steal. LEBRON TAKES IT ALL THE WAY!! 6 points! 

3:49 Chalmers missed the corner three. If he hits that, the place goes crazy. James on Robinson and Battier gets a foul called for pushing Noah, No! Foul on Chalmers.

4:15 Once again! It's Chalmers with a three. James is active on defense and the picked off Robinson to get Chalmers open.

So far, LeBron has done a bad job of drawing fouls on Butler.. OH THE ALLEY! Butler couldn't keep his body on LeBron.


5:28 BALL MOVEMENT! Heat started the possession doubling Robinson. The ball went to Belinelli and Butler hit the three! 

6:30 Boozer with his first points of the game. Off the top of the key, sinks the rainbow. Haslem answers with the tip in

6:50 Noah with the hot hand and awkward jumper sinks it to tie it. . .Chalmers playing hard ball. Fights for rebound and gets called for the foul.

7:43 Robinson off to a tough start. 0-4 from the floor. Picks up a charge. Heat can't do much with it as they turn it over. Chalmers on Robinson. James picks up the turnover! Passes it to Wade. DUNK! 

8:36 to play in the 1st--- Both teams misses. Robinson is 0-3 from the floor. LeBron ties it with an easy layup.

9:00 Belinelli catches the high pass. Brings it down. Pops the three! Bosh tries to sink a reverse layup. Misses.

10:06 Noah wide open! Jams it home as he yells. Chalmers answers with a three! Good start at least from beyond the arc. 

10:29 Noah with the offensive rebound! WIth the put back. WADE MISSES A DUNK! Are his knees healthy?

11:07 Noah called for the offensive foul. Games answers with penetration and layup! 

11:35 Wade 1-2 from the line. Awkward score. . . Heat doubling Boozer. Out of bounds six seconds. Bulls ball.

Okay this is interesting... 11:39 on the clock--- Robinson has taken 4 shots. 2 free throws, 2 jumpers and he's missed them all. Wade then gets fouled and throws ball at Belinelli. TECH! Very immature on the part of Wade.

11:48 Roinson already on the attack. Oh he's shook up. Slow to get up. Playing possum? He falls on his back and the rolls over. He took a hard bump from Haslem------ 2 free throws. 

12:00- Tip off is here! 

The Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls face off at 7 p.m. ET. Check out the score with live updates, play-by-play, color commentary and stats of Game 2 as the Heat look to tie this series. 

As it's been publicized repeatedly, the Bulls took Game 1 of the series shocking the Heat and many around basketball. Reports have it that the Bulls will once again be without Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng. Conditions for Deng have yet to improve. His was suffering from headaches, but yet, proving once again the heart and focus that the Bulls have. 

Rumor has it that LeBron James will defend the battery of the Bulls offense, Nate Robinson. Little Nate had a big game hitting big time shots in the closing minutes of Game 1. He finished with 27 points once again providing a memorable playoff performance. So far in the 2013 playoffs, Robinson is outscoring everybody in the fourth quarter. He has 66 points in the final quarter of games, guided by the triple OT game in which he dropped 23 in the final 12 minutes of Game 3 against the Brooklyn Nets. 

James might explode in this one after having a sluggish start in Game 1. He only scored two points in the first half and he blamed it on his fruity pebble or skittles sneakers, he would rather refer to as his MVP kicks. The key thing will be stopping Robinson for the Heat. Second on their to-do list, hitting big threes is vital as they struggled to get their perimeter game working in Game 1 of this series. 

Join me for the live blog of this matchup. I will have game results, play-by-play, live updates and everything that takes place on the court. Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article as the score will be in the title and all the action will be right here. 

Can the Bulls take a 2-0 lead? Will the Heat play serious ball and prove why they are the defending champions? Let's find out together. 

Check out Heat vs. Bulls predictions.

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