San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors Final Score 129-127 in 2 OT: Live Blog, Play-by-Play, Commentary and Stats of Game 1 at 9:30 p.m. ET

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May 06, 2013 09:35 PM EDT
Tim Duncan has led 2012 Spurs in a remarkable season"

FINAL SCORE- Spurs 129-127 Warriors! What a Game!

:01.2 seconds to go-- Duncan guarding inbound. JACK HITS THE IRON AND HE MISSES!!!

Warriors to inbound... Both sides have 20-second timeout.

TIMEOUT Warriors. Couldn't get the inbound. Curry was sandwiched. 

Curry walking with his head down on to the court. Doesn't look too encouraged right now... Jack in bounds. 

Ginobili was wide open as the Warriors blew their coverage. Warriors are stunned on the bench. .01.2 seconds remaining--- 

Spurs to inbound.... GINOBILI WIDE OPEN SINKS THE THREE!!! He makes up for his earlier error!

.03.4 seconds remaining--- TIMEOUT SPURS

Spurs inbound! .03.9 seconds remaining--- Warriors with a foul to give. Parker has it. There's a foul. Use :00.5 seconds

Just when they have needed defense, the Warriors step up guided by an ill advised three by Ginobili. 

Parker misses the layup! Curry pushes! Bazbro!! Who!? Bazemore with the layup! Spurs up by 1 POINT! WHAT A GAME!!! WHAT A GAME! 

32.8 CURRY WITH THE TEAR!!! Good! one point game

2 shots for Curry.-- 2-2... Warriors need a stop! they seem like they haven't been able to stop the Spurs offense. EW! Ginobili with unnecessary three. Warriors ball. 

1:23 Parker takes it up. Fakes the shot. TO GREEN!! FOR THREE!! Four-point game! Curry drives. Draws the foul. Almost gets the And-1!

1:27 Curry gets MUFFED! Jarret right there though. Takes the loose ball. Drives, draws the foul. At the line. 1-2

2:02 Spurs with one-point lead. Bad pass! Warriors turn it over! Parker runs it. Stops. POPS THE JUMPER!!!

Good news for the Warriors: Landry in the game, not Ezeli.

2:30 Parker sinks the jumper. Barnes misses three and Green called for the foul. Push from the back as he battled for the rebound. 6 fouls on him. OH! That probably means Ezeli enters the game. This means the Warriors WILL lose. 

3:01 Green at the line... 1-1....2-2

3:35 Barnes on the offense! Three! Sinks it! Parker responds with a spin and the layup.

4:12 Barnes with beautiful D on Paker. He misses jumper. 

Warrior ball--- Jack inbounds... Bogut receives. Hands it to Curry. Jack with the ball. Pass inside to Bogut, bad pass. Spurs ball. Golden State's Green commits foul as he scrambled for ball.

4:30 Curry misses shot. Spurs ball.Oh no, Refs checking to see who tipped it. Oh! Golden State ball is what it should be. 

Neither team can do anything with their first 2nd OT possessions.

--------------------2nd OT---------------------

Again, tied ball game--- :05.8 seconds remaining in 1st OT-- Ginobili fires. Hits it! No! He misses. Completely missed the rim. Looked as if ball had gone in. Wow. 2nd OVERTIME!

Spurs use final timeout! Couldn't get ball inbound. 

:05.8 seconds remaining--- Duncan revives as he was out of the game. Bonner, Greene, Ginobili and Park on the floor.

20 seconds remaining. Spurs ball! TImeout...Bonner on the floor. Three-point threat. Parker dribbles. Screen comes. barnes fouls Barnes. Oh wow, very mature.

1:02 Leonard with the bucket! 2-point lead for the Spurs.... Jack answers! Tied ball game!

113-113 Curry with a layup after picking up the steal.

2:00 Curry can't make the jumper. Curry limping. Curry ties it up!


2:26 Diaw ties the game! Hitts a huge corner three!

3:04 Ginobili reaches in and gets called for the foul. Warriors miss opportunity

3:26 Warriors quickly take the lead. Parker responds with a jumper three-point game.

Warriors win tipoff.


20.8 remaining--- Curry brings it up. Surs D tightens up! Warriors can't get the winning shot. 

Pressure now back on the Spurs. Ginobili handles. GREEN TIES IT WITH A THREE!!

Could the Thompson foul out haave created this mess for the Warriors?

29 seconds remaining--- Spurs ball--- three-point game. 


59.8 seconds... Spurs ball. Diaw 2-2! one-point game.

Curry brings it up. Landry. Shoots. Misses. Fight for the loose ball. FOUL ON LANDRY! 

1:18 to play!--- 3-point game. Warriors doing it again. 

1:37 Leonard knocks down the three!! Then Curry is blocked! PARKER WITH THE LAYUP!!!

WOW! Green with the steal. Jefferson at the line 1:57 to play--- Two shots. Misses first. Misses second! 

CROWD COMES ALIVE! 2:42 to play in the game--- 8-0 for the Spurs. Eight-point game now. Warriors take a timeout as they try to hold on to the lead. 

3:12 Again we're seeing it. Warriors falling apart. 10-point game. 

4:17 Spurs seem to be giving up as they are just trying to knock down perimeter shots. 

5:34 Curry with back-to-back blow bys as Leonard is pressing up on him at the three-point line. 14-point game once again. TIMEOUT SPURS

10-point game now! 

6:19 Bogut lazily attempts to put it back. Leonard runs down the floor AND-1!! Leonard completes it.

6:56 Leonard on Curry and Curry travels. Parker with the ball. Curry tips it out of bounds. 9 on shot clock. 

7:06 Leonard called for the foul third team foul of the quarter. Bogut comes back in.

7:24 Spurs are winning the offensive boards battle., which is leading to points, Problems for the Warriors. 

8:27 Apparently the refs are taking the night off now. Thompson absorbs a lot of contact. No foul called. SPURS TIMEOUT

9:00 Landry misses both free throws. Popovich still resting starters. Landry sinks jumper. 

9:40 Ginobili pushing it and forcing shots up... Curry gets double-teamed. Landry at the line. 

10:00 Barnes spoils a beautiful rainbow shot from Curry. Called for the foul.

Neil charged with the foul. 10:23--- Jack 2-2 from the line.

10:45 Curry with the attack and the layup. Thompson grabs rebound on Spurs miss. Jack draws the foul. 

11:25 Warriors to the hole! Good! 10-point game. 

12:00 Warriors inbound... Curry gives up the ball to Jack. Jack fading away as he held the ball for too long. 

--------------END OF THE 3rd QUARTER---------------
22 points for Curry of 35 Warrior points.... GS leads 92-80 

DUMB! Jack called for his third foul. Neil hits two free throws.

Curry has the ball again. Green open. BARNES WITH THE HUSTLE! This is incredible. Green of the Spurs hits the three. 

35.1 seconds remaining-- Ginobili stops the bleeding. And-1, completes the free throw.

The fans can't believe it! The bench can't believe it! 

NO! NO! NO!!! He didn't!! Almost from the S of the SPURS half court logo! THREE! 

1:22 Warrior ball. Curry brings it up. Floater. Bank shot! 29 points! 

1:34 Okay, now Curry playing games. Instead of pulling up for the three, he drives to the basket for the layup. Now the Spurs are pressing.

Jarret Jack hustles for the ball. Calls timeout as he battles between two Spurs.TIMEOUT

This is beautiful basketball. Hustling from both sides. Curry almost hit the three again from deep. It rattled in and out. 


The Warriors need to get Ezeli out of th game. He's busting things up like he did against the Nuggets. He fumbled pass and now fumbles rebound. Spurs ball. OH! He responds with a block. Spurs ball.

3:45 Curry with the ball. Pass, fumble by Ezeli, Curry gets it. Sinks it for the 2. THE WARRIORS ARE SHOOTING 73% this quarter.

4:42 Thompson with a missed three, gets own rebound and gets the easy layup! Hustle, hustle, hustle! Wow. Felt in my gut the Warriors would play like this, but of course, who trusts a 6th seed against the Spurs? 

5:39 Green comes off the bench for the Spurs and knocks down back-to-back threes! The Warriors, however, answer back with high percentage shots. 

6:36 Thompson with the short jumper! Sinks it! Gets back-to-back shots! 

7:50 Curry no follow through and hurries jumper, misses. Duncan sinks short jumper over Bogut.

8:20 on the clock-- Leonard sinks the jumper. 

9:05 Curry with the no look as he attacks two defenders. Green with the jam! Parker stops the short run. Curry behind the back. GREEN FOR THREE! 

Warriors inbound... Curry handles. pulls up. RAINBOW! Swish! Lead back to four. Offensive foul on Duncan. 

9:45 on the clock--- TIMEOUT WARRIORS---- 

9:56 Bonner makes Warriors pay for the turnover with a three. ONE POINT GAME NOW! Golden State with back-to-back turnovers! Leonard with the steal and dunk! Crowd goes crazy.

10:22 Curry from the corner gets trapped but hits the fadeaway! ... Bogut then fouls Leonard as he goes up for the shot. 1-2 from the line

11:07 Duncan misses the open shot. THREE! Curry on the other end.

11:33 Duncanscores in first possession. Foul called on the other end as Bonner pushes Barnes out of bounds. 

3rd Quarter coming! 

-------------END OF THE 1ST HALF-----------
The Warriors go to the half with a four-point lead. Will there be another upset? 

:03.3 to play--- Duncan at the line 2-2..... Greene airballs half court shot.

Jarret Jack called for a foul on Duncan. Why is Jack even close to Duncan?

Now the Warriors make the Spurs pay for not taking the lead. Barnes with the three! 

31.2 TIMEOUT WARRIORS (20 second)

51.5 seconds in the half- Warrior ball. Bogut gets hacked. Goes to the line. Bricks. Pressure too much to bear for Bogut. Misses both. Parker worker Jack. Misses.

1:07 one-possession game now for the Warriors as Bogut again goes 1-2. 

GINOBILI MAKES WARRIORS PAY WITH A JAM!!! The San Antonio crowd gets on their feet. And again, the Spurs make the Warriors pay for not grabbing the rebound. 

1:36 Bogut attracting attention and gets fouled. Misses first free throw... Sinks second.

2:16 Bogut with a shot floater. Parker put othe dribbles on Barnes. Ginobili misses the open three. Duncan gets fouled as Parker retrieved the long rebound.

Parker hits the deck. Gets fouled. Looked and sounded like a one-year old when they trip and fall. Goes to the line. 2-2

2:59 on the clock--- TIMEOUT ON THE FLOOR

3:29 Parker drives. Bogut called on the foul. The Warriors driving at will. 

3:49 Pa-pa-PARKER! Another shot goes down. The Spurs knocking balls away. They're getting lucky recovering. Thompson then answers back.

4:25 Curry to Thompson WITH THE NO LOOK!! And the jam! 

The Warriors defense is on point. They came to play. Thompson has to do a better job hitting open shots.

5:46 Duncan sinks two free thrwos. BARNES DRIVES! Can't finish. Duncan there for the stop! 

6:41-- TIMEOUT SPURS-- Curry drew a foul before the break. 

7:00 Curry pops the three!... Bogut doesn't let Duncan easily get the putback. Duncan misses the easy bucket.

7:36 Spurs with the ball. Leonard grabs offensive board and connects on short jumper. 

Warriors win tip. --- Barnes flies in to grab the rebound! Jack misses another shot. Thompson! Brick

8:35 Barnes with the beauty! Reverse layup for the score.... Players scrambling for loose ball. Looks like Leonard and Bogut with the jump ball. 

8:55 Warriors answering back to every Spurs run. Ball knocked out of bounds. Warrior ball. 

-------------End of the 1st Quarter----------------
28-25 lead for the Warriors 


:05.3 to play--- Ginobili called for the foul. 1-2 for Ginobili.

Every time the Spurs get close, the Warriors hit a big bucket. 

Red Mamba! Too easy! Had a foot on the line. Mark Jackson yelling. 

2 MINUTES LEFT---- Spurs doing a better job answering back to Warrior buckets. Thompson just got called for charge. Goes to the bench.

TIMEOUT--- Foul on Spurs. Warrior ball when game returns 

3:08 Bogut can't hold Duncan. Curry hitting shots at will. 

6:57 Parker and Duncan hit back-to-back jumper. Then Curry drops the jumper to respond.

Both teams cold!

Thompson sinks three free throws.

9:01-- Warriors up 8-3 so far. 

The San Antonio Spurs take on the Golden State Warriors in AT&T Center in Texas as they get ready to kick off their second round matchup. Check out the live scoring updates of the Warriors vs. Spurs with play-by-play, live scoring updates and commentary. Game 1 tipoff is a little after 9:30 p.m. ET.

The Spurs have been inactive in over a week as they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers quickly in the first round. The Spurs easily swept the banged up Lakers who just couldn't get any type of offense rolling. The Spurs hope not to suffer from the same struggles Miami Heat faced in their first half as they were struggling in the first quarter.

They will face a Warriors team that will force the Spurs' hand. Both teams split the season series, though many will point out that the Spurs weren't full throttle. Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the game and he's had big games and big buckets in the playoffs already.

The Warriors have an energized bunch. They discovered that starting Jarret Jack was a great option. Coach Mark Jackson made this discovery by accident after David Lee went down. He went short with his starting five and the Denver Nuggets couldn't control the Warriors from Game 1 on.

The Warriors already upset the Nuggets in the first round. Though the odds are heavily against them in the second round with the Spurs, they will look to at least make this a battle.

Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article for the latest updates. The score will be in the title and the play-by-play will be in the body. 

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