New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers 95-102 Final Score: Play-by-Play, Stats and Commentary in Live Blog

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May 05, 2013 03:21 PM EDT
New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers Live Blog, Scoring Updates
Indiana Pacers forward David West passes under pressure from New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (R) and Jason Kidd in the first quarter of their NBA basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York, April 14, 2013. REUTERS/Adam Hunger (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)"

GAME OVER---- Pacers win 102-95. 

20.8 remaining in the game-- Augustin hits free throw. Augustin misses and West tips it out. Pacers driblle it out. All the Knicks with hands on their waist as the time winds down.

Smith threw up a line drive three and it hit off the back board. 

TIMEOUT PACERS-------------- They inbound. Melo on West. Augustin misses three. Knick ball!!! Melo brings it up. Smith misses the three! 

50.7 seconds Smith to the line. 1-1 from the line. 2-2. Two-possession game. 

1:16 Melo shoots free throws. 1-1. Knicks fans leaving. 2-2. Knicks press. Beautiful defense and West shoots air ball.

1:42 West sinks the jumper!

99-89 Pacers lead.... 2:22 Martin with the putback.... Melo misses the jumper. 

Hill dribbles. Hits Hibbert. Another foul on Chandler. He pushed Hibbert as he was shooting. 

BACK TO THE ACTION! Smith gets called for the foul. Non-shooting... Now Chandler gets called for pushing Hibbert out of bounds as the shot went up. 

3:10 Melo sinks the three!! Timeout PACERS

3:32 Anthony with the line drive shot. Money. FOUL ON THE PACERS! Illegal screen. 3:21

4:26 Pacers with a turnover. ... no! Not turnover. Knicks get rebound. Smith on the run! 

4:34 Smith with the layup. AND-1! Misses free throw

4:57 Knicks turn it over. Shumpert pass to Melo. Melo not paying attention. Chandler called for the foul on George. 0-1... 1-2

TIMEOUT Knicks--- JUMP BALL! Hibbert sticks his hand on the ball. Hibbert playing physical ball. Shumpert grabs the rebound. Knicks can't knock down second chance shot... Pacers drops the jumper!

6:35 West called for the foul! ...Melo tries to go for the jam! Anthony gets hit in the face, no foul. Knick ball and it gets knocked out of bounds by the Pacers.

7:34 Smith at the line again. . . Shumper misses the three. Hill from three. Misses. Melo with his 10th rebound. Melo upset. Misses shot. 

8:31 Melo with the jumper. Pacers miss jumper. Hibbert again! Turn around jump hook. 

8:38 Fourth foul on Hansbrough?! .......Knicks getting stops and drawing fouls. This game could come down to them making free throws.

9:23 Hansbrough with third foul. Fourth team foul! Smith sinks the three! The NY crowd is in it!! Hibbert answers. 

9:41 Smith to Martin! Alley!

10-point game.  Hansbrough with the put back! Answers back again with a score

10:52 Melo with the ball. Drives Hansbrough. ANOTHER FOUL! Third on the Pacers.

11:17-- Melo draws another foul. Melo with Hansbrough on him, sinks the J! OFFENSIVE FOUL ON PACERS!!

Melo draws a quick foul. 2-2 from the line. 

------------------------END OF THE 3RD QUARTER-------------------------
Pacers up 81-65 

George misses the three

Felton misses the jumper! 

Knick fans letting their team hear it as they leave Augustin open and he sinks the three

1:08 Knicks making a run, but they can't cut it to single digits and Augustin drives and sinks the layup.


3:45 Hibbert picks up third foul. Felton cutting to the basket creating openings. Hibbert to the bench. Martin to the line

The Pacers are destroying! 

5:45 Martin turns it over. Shumpert then returns the favor and forces Pacer turnover. Smith drives and draves the foul. 2 shots

6:06 Smith on the floor and the Pacers finish at the basket. 20 second timeout Knicks

6:48 excellent defense from Felton, but Hibbert keeps the ball alive. Grabs rebound and then finishes at the basket with a hump hook.

7:04 Smith with smart play. Draws a foul. 3-point attempt for Smith = 3 free throws for Smith. 3-3 from the line.

7:20 Shumpert misses three. Pacers were going for the double-digit lead, but George bricks three. 

Time for Felton to take over. Melo's on the bench. Smith also in the game. 

7:48 Melo picks up fourth foul!!! It was cheap and dump. Touches George's elbow as he was shooting. 

Shumpert with a jumper. Knicks get the stop. Chandler runs the floor and goes untouched. 

9:06 Melo with the jam!! Drives by George and beats Hibbert as the center was going for the block. Hiill drops two. 

9:24 Knicks can't get offense on a roll. Chandler turns it over. Melo commits third foul. Stephenson at the line misses first. 

10:05 Pacers get rebound. West with the jam! Nine-point game. 

10:39 Felton sinks the wide open jumper... George over Prigioni, misses, Pacers grab rebound. Misses jumper.

11:29 Kick ball. Knicks ball. Chandler miss times rebound.... Hill knocks down a three

3rd Quarter Starts---- Pacers turn it over. 

-------------------------END OF THE FIRST HALF-------------------------

Can the Pacers increase their lead? Pacers sink the three! SMITH SINKS A THREE FROM HALF COURT! But the buzzer had sounded. He's getting too good from these way beyond the arc shots. 

Pacers can have the lost shot-- TIMEOUT! 20 SECOND TO for Pacers

26.3 Knick ball as Hibbert knocks it out of bounds. No foul called, Melo sinks it off the inbound.

50.2 seconds remaining-- Turnover Knicks... Pacers with the ball. Holl with the three! Had foot on the line. Sinks it. 

1:10 Melo gets blocked as he's double teamed after making move to the basket.

1:25 Knicks get a turnover, but they don't finish at the hook. Pacers then score at their end to push lead back to three

2:09 Felton with 14 points! Sinks the floater

Melo working the dribble, West defending Melo knocks it out of bounds. Knicks inbound.

3:28---TIMEOUT Knicks... Knicks offense struggling!... Hibbert sinks a jumper from the top of the key! Pacers turnover

4:41 to play-- Pacers lead! ... Melo grabs the rebound and is fouled. Hustle paying off. Game has been physical, but Pacers not over the limit yet. 

Pacers 2-2 from the line. One-point game. Knicks turn it over.

4:54 to play in the 2nd QTR-- TIMEOUT- Knicks lead 42-39. 

SHUMPERT WITH A THREE! He has more points the Anthony. . . Anthony then drives to the basket. Gets blocked and then stays with the ball and sinks over three Pacers.

6:47 Melo chases the rebound. Then he sinks the jumper for the two points. 

7:31 to play in the half--- Tied ball game. Pacers get the offensive board.

Augustin commits foul. Martin hacks West. West goes to the line

Sorry for the lack of information- Was writing up the OKC Thunder vs. Grizzlies results

8:35 D.J. Augustin is keeping the Knicks in this one. He will be going to the line as time is called.

------------------END OF THE 1ST------------------
27-22 Knicks win quarter 

11.1 Knicks miss shot. Indiana turns it over. Knicks get last shot! SMITH AT THE BUZZER! IN AND OUT!!! 1-3

Smith knocked down a three and Felton followed.

1:20 Hibbert intended receiver. Turnover Knicks on a 9-0 run! 

1:33 Melo with the jumper AND-1!! Melo made the shot. Felton shot the free throw as the foul was on a screen Felton set. 

1:54 Chandler trying to stick with the youngster Hibbert. Augistine for three! Yup. 

2:06 Smith misses his first shot. Keep the tally.

2:27 Remainin in the first--- Melo traveled in the last play. J.R. Smith comes off the bench. Hansbrough at the line. Can give Pacers lead.


4:18 Pacers are settling for outside shots. Pacers with a high percentage shots. 

5:44 Chandler with the jam! Knicks up. . . Pacers again missing. 

6:35 Melo is 0-4! Hibbert pervents the easy bucket from falling. At least he's rebounding...

KNicks lead. Pacers offense stagnant... Knicks push. 

7:54 Early on Knicks defense making a difference. Already three blocks! 

8:32 Shumpert gives Knicks lead. He's scored six. Melo misses. West ties it with a layup. Melo is so co-co-cold! 

9:24 Prigioni had picked up a block. Shumpert very active. Two shots from FT. 

9:45 Shumpert finishes with a jumper. Pacers miss the frst shot. 

11:08 Felton sinks the shot. To tie the game and Hill with a crazy cross over on Prigioni. 2-2 start for the Pacers. 

11:28 Hibbert with a bucket after Melo can't give the Knicks the lead. 

IT's game time.

Follow this live blog of the Indiana Pacers vs. the New York Knicks as both teams meet where they can advance to the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Join us for live scoring updates, play-by-play, commentary and stats from this matchups as one team will be three games away from having the chance to play for the Eastern Conference Finals. 

The Knicks are coming off a very emotional series against the Boston Celtics. Carmelo Anthony had to hear La La being mentioned by bench player while almost blowing a 26-point lead late in the game and almost allowing the Celtics to force a Game 7. The Knicks have the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year and the scoring champion. These guys pretty much exemplify the team's persona. Anthony can hit a shot from anywhere in the floor. J.R. Smith comes into the game and continues to carry the scoring load. 

However, the Knicks scoring might meet its match as they face a young and athletic Pacers team. It would be difficult to compare the Knicks to the Atlanta Hawks, who shot 33 percent in Game 6 at home as they were eliminated by the Pacers on Friday. The Pacers, like the Celtics, focus on their defense, but they are not the Celtics. The Pacers can have an easier time matching up against the Knicks' offense. 

The problem for the Pacers would seem to be on the offensive end. Who will step up and hit the big shot in the playoffs? They already have experience from 2012. They picked on LeBron James, until he finally figured out that he was the best player on the planet and couldn't be stopped when he caught fire. 

The Knicks have been bounced from back-to-back playoff appearances. This is their first time advancing to the second round since 2000. Back in those days, playoff appearances were almost guaranteed for the Knicks. Also, back in those days, the Knicks and Pacers had one of the more classic battles in basketball. 

These teams will add a new chapter to their bitter rivalry. Can Anthony, Smith and Felton etch their names in Knicks history? Can the Pacers provide heroics and revive the Reggie Miller spirit that still haunts the old Knick fans? 

Join us for the live blog. Game time is 3:30 p.m. ET. 

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