Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets 120-91 Third Quarter Score: Live Blog, Play-by-Play, Updates of NBA Playoffs as Jeremy Lin Plays First Postseason Game

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Apr 21, 2013 09:19 PM EDT
Thunder vs. Rockets Score Live Blog
Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant (L) jumps as he prepares to shoot against Houston Rockets defenders Jeremy Lin (7) and Patrick Patterson (54) against in the second half of their NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma November 28, 2012. REUTERS/Bill Waugh (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)"

The Thunder beat the Rockets 120-91 to lead the series 1-0.

=======================GAME OVER=========================

1:50 remaining in the game-- The stands have cleared. The True fans who don't want to miss a moment are still here. 

3:16 remaining in the game--- there have been plenty of bodies flying into the stands in this game.

Reggie Jackson with the jumper. They are knocking down E'rything!

Haunted Hotel in OKC? .... Alley gives Rockets two points. 

4:46 left in this game. TIMEOUT Thunder

5:46 to play-- Martin Knocks down a three. 

Collison definitely got fouled before knocking down the layup. Looks like refs really don't want to extend this game.

The scrubs are on the floor. Garcia knocks down the three. Off the rim and the glass and it falls in. 

Not that we want to jynx the Thunder, but in last year's first round, the Grizzlies had a 24-point lead at around the 8-minute mark of the 4th quarter and they let it slip. Do the Rockets have what it takes? 

8:24 remaining to play in the game--- Timeout Thunder. 

8:30 Delfino with the bucket. 

Wow. No mercy rule. Martin for three... Misses. They're not even bothering to penetrate. 

10:03 to play--- Thunder continue to dominate. Even knocking down shots after the whistle blows. Fisher with a three. Fisher AGAIN!!! The old man still has it!. 

If this is how the Thunder are starting the fourth, then just wrap this one up. They have a 28 point lead and now everybody is just shooting wildly. 

Whover thought this one was going to be close might be getting proved wrong. Well, they are getting proved wrong as the Thunder lead by 23.

------------------END OF THE 3rd QUARTER----------------------
OKC lead 89-66. 

seconds- WOWWWW!! Westbrook takes it all the way! Points! 

29 seconds remaining in the third--- Westbrook almost sunk a circus shot! Goes to the line for two. Sinks first. 

Collison finishes with a layup on the Westbrook pass. The Rockets can't get anything to fall.

2:40 remaining in the third--- Martin with teh jumper. MMMMM! Delfino from way beyond, beyond. Rockets will need plenty of threes to get back into this one. 

3:11 on the clock. --- OH NO!!! Beverley slips and forced to back step as he tries to recover his balance! WOW! But Westbrook gets called for the charge. 

Okay so Ibaka knocks down an alley and then he sinks a three. This one could likely be over. 

Foul on Rockets. Somebody yells NO WAY! 5:29 remaining in the third--- Break in the action. 

PERKINS TO IBAKA FOR THE ALLEY!!! Parsons then misses three. 

6:16 Officials have had a tough time making calls in previous Thunder possession. Ball hard to tell who it had gone out of bounds from.

7:22 Westbrook commits the turnover. AND-1! Would have been his second opportunity had he not been charged with the charge in teh previous possession.

The Thunder are getting lazy on defense. the Rockets are getting to the paint easily.

8:23 OOOH! When Ibaka is confident on offense you know you're in trouble. Swishes a jumper from the corner.

9:12 DURANT FOR THREE! Good! Lin Feeds Asik on the other end for the two points. 

9:31-- Back-to-back fouls on Durant and Westbrook. Lin able to penetrate and create panic in Thunder defense. Smith off the mark. 

Just like that. Rockets score after the timeout... Ibaka then responds with a jumper. 

10:20--- Durant with the jam sends Rockets' Coach Kevin McHale in fumes! 20-second timeout.. Thunder up!

Westbrook knocks down the three..... Lin then gets a steal, but can't complete the alley! 

11:14 We're back. Harden pushing the tempo and the Rockets get the first points of the half.

60-47 OKC Leads 

20 seconds left Thunder hold for the last true shot of the game. Westbrook to Durant. ... BUCKET! Hardenbrings it back! Layup! Slams into the camera men!! 

43.8 LIN GETS AMBUSHED! Thunder get the steal. SLAM SEFOLOSHA! 

fans chanting OKC! Westbrook with the fake! He's soooo fast! Fakes the shot and drives to the hoop! Bucket! 11-point lead for the Thunder. 

TIMEOUT Rockets 1:24 to play--- Thunder are taking over as the Rockets are commiting turnovers and playing to get calls rather than points. 

Ibaka gets fouled.... 2:06 remaining in the half--- Thunder miss two free throws. Harden gets stripped. Sefolosha fouled by Lin. Good foul. All this happened in 15 seconds.... 1:51 remaining in the second quarter---

Ibaka could be seeing throwing his arms up like a boxer who just won a fight.... Rockets on the line. 0-1 for Smith. 1-2 Smith. 

Asik with a foul. Offensive foul on moving screen. Tnunder ball. Chance to increase lead. Westbrook loses it and IBAKA WITH THE JAM!!! Perkins still on his side and gets the pass and jams it home!!! 

Thunder grabbing the boards and putting it back. 3:13 to play--- TIMEOUT! Lin thought he was fouled. I thought timeout was called as he was trapped between two Thunder players 

Harden sinks 2-2. 

3:36 Ibaka misses the wide open dunk!! Harden takes it. Runs it back and draws foul. Goes to the line. 

Westbrook with the bucket!--- Six unanswered points for the Thunder UNTIL LIN runs it and drops an easy layup! 

5:06 Martin misses chance to give Thunder lead with tech-foul shot. Three-second violation called on Rockets.

Rockets winning the battle in the paint despite having sick sharpshooters.

Delfino responds to the Thunder bucket and ties it at 40. 

6:11 left in the first half. The Rockets are all over this one. 

Lin with the assist! Beverley ties it up!!! This small lineup is killing the Thunder as they are knocking down shots. It's Delfino, Asik, Harden, Lin, Beverley. 

6:44 Lin with the ball. Drives. Gets fouled. Sefolosha, third foul! Rockets inbound

7:00 Collison scores following a Harden drive to the basket. Three-point game again.

7:35 Wow Beverley with the offense! ... Westbrook knocks over the ref and official makes the call from the canvas lol! Thunder ball.

The Thunder aren't making buckets, which has allowed the Rockets to hang around. 

8:00 to play in the half--- Lin cutting through the paint and gets fouled. TIME on the floor! Rockets will inbound when we return. 

8:42 Martin with the three!! Then Asik grabs another offensive board! PUTS IT BACK WITH A DUNK! Then Fisher hits a three of his own. 

9:12 Houston ball as Asik brings down the offensive board and knocks ball out against Thunder. Delfino with the three! 

9:40 Asik with the layup. Durant answers with a short jumper.

Durant with his shimmies... Sinks both free throws. 

10:05 Parsons misses! Asik gets the rebound. ANOTHER BLOCK! It was either Ibaka or Durant with the play. Asik called for the foul on Durant. --- Two free throws. 

10:15 Martin picks up the offensive foul. Lin draws the foul. 

10:49 Lin to the hoop. Opens up the floor! Parsons knocks down the three! Two point game!! 

10:55 Beverley called for the foul. Thunder ball. 

Lin misses three over Durant. 

The Rockets start this one off in exciting fashion. Beverley with the steal and Parson with the jam off the rebound. 

Rockets doing a good job hanging around as they trail only by seven points. 

================END OF THE 1ST QUARTER=====================

Delfino can't get shot off after Jackson sunk in a tear drop. 

25 seconds Harden takes his time. Drives. Wants the foul and gets it. Can cut it to a five-point deficit.

:46.3 seconds left to play--- Harden steps. back. Three. Good! 

1:13 Collison to Martin for the pass and jam!! Beverley on the other end sinks the layup AND the free throw. Three-point play.  

1:30 Asik shoots free throws.1-2 from the line. Fisher in to play

1:44 Westbrook with the bucket. Beverley in to play for Lin and he commits a turnover. Asik fouled by Collison as they fought for a rebound.

2:05 Ibaka with the goal tend as Harden was going in for the layup. 10-point game. Thunder foul. Parsons inbounds. 

2:28 Lin on the bench. Rockets passing the ball. But can't make bucket... Reggie Jackson sinks the three! 

Ibaka 1-1, Swish... 2-2

2:58 remaining in the first quarter of this low scoring game. 

3:27 Parsons to Lin. Lin takes it out. Iso. Jumper. Brick! Durant brings it up. Splits the defense. Martin with the wind up and misses. Ibaka will be on the line after the quick break. 

Durant to the line. Durant 1-1. 2-2. Rockets bring it up. Lin doing what he does best! Pass to Smith for the bucket!

4:05 Perkins 0-2 as he tried laying up on Asik. Got his own rebound and then missed again as the ball danced on the rim.

5:00 to play in the first-- Parsons things about going up the middle. Lin from deeep! Offensive foul on Asik. 

5:41 Rockets with first field goal! Harden with a drive to the hoop. Sefolosha can't knock down open three. Parsons also misses.

6:06 Lin ges the Rockets some points. Lin has trouble keeping up with westbrook. Durant can't knock down the three

6:22 Perkins can't handle the pass from Westbrook. Lin brings the ball up. Slight Iso. Lin goes to Perkins and draws the foul. Perkins and Ibaka almost teared his head off. 

6:34 Asik goes to the line. Durant with the hack. 0-1 from the line.... 0-2. Whistles blow. Asik will get one more shot. OKC called for lane violation. 
Nothing. Fails 0-3 from the line.  

6:50 turnover. Smith runs it. Parsons has it. 

7:35 to play- Ibaka gets foueld. Westbrook completely manned Jeremy Lin! The Rockets come running. Nowhere to go! Harden to the hoop. IBAKA WITH THE CLEAR BLOCK!!!

8:10- Westbrook with another immature shot as he forced the action. Lin dribbling. Dribbling. Not muchhappening. Smith the ball. Travel! 

OKC Thunder fans are standing up and waving their towels. 

TIMEOUT ROCKETS!---- No field goals for the Rockets thus far. 8:31 to play in the first quarter-- 

8:48 Harden with good move. Smith can't handle pass. Kevin Durant with the JAM!!!! 

9:15 Harden with the ball gives it up. Three passes. Lin misses the shot. Lin guards Westbrook. Westbrook over Lin. No and Ibaka misses jumper after offensive rebound

9:32 Wesbrook doesn't pass it up as Durant was wide open. Westbrook lays it in!

10:08 Harden gets fouled and booed by OKC fans Perkins with his first. 2-2 from the line for Harden. 

10:22 Ibaka Waka Flame! Hits the humper. Thunder up. 

Parsons miss. 0-2 for the Rockets so far. Westbrook picks up his dribble and looks for Durant. Kick ball. Thunder ball

11:18 SERGE IBAKA WITH THE BLOCK! Westbrook with the layup!! 4-0 Rockets. Defense leads to offense. 

11:32 Lin gets nothing in pass to Asik! Thunder push and Durant draws the foul
Shimmy-shimmy... bucket... Shimmy-shimmy... bucket! 

The action is just minutes away! 

The Oklahoma City Thunder faces the Houston Rockets in their first round matchup. If you want to know the score, join us for the live blog of this game where we will bring you play-by-play and scoring updates with everything that happens and is said on the basketball court.

 There is some drama in this game. The Thunder are playing against James Harden, their 2012 Sixth Man of the Year, whom they traded to the Rockets a few days before the beginning of the 2013 season. It was all a matter of the Thunder not wanting to pay Harden. As a consequence, Harden teamed up with Jeremy Lin in Houston and took them to the playoffs for the first time in about five years.

The Thunder were still able to lock up the first seed in the West without Harden, but they needed almost the entire season to clinch the Western Conference. Meanwhile, the Rockets lost the seventh seed to the Los Angeles Lakers.

It's almost perfect that these two teams meet up in the playoffs. The Thunder are a fairly new team and they are young. The Rockets could be seeing what they could become in a couple of years as they get ready to face two of the best ballers in the NBA as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will go head-to-head with Hard and Lin.

The Rockets will look to begin a run of playoff appearances where they eventually hope to win some championships. However, they have some maturing and experience to game as the Thunder look to put this series away as quickly as possible. This is Jeremy Lin's first playoff game and will be interesting to see the kind of impact he makes. 

Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article for the latest scores and updates of the Thunder vs. Rockets. 


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