Charles Barkley's "Sir Charles at 50" a Lesson for Metta World Peace? (Commentary)

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Feb 18, 2013 07:30 PM EST
Charles Barkley "Sir Charles" Can Teach Metta World Peace
Houston Rocket's forward Charles Barkley uses his elbows to claim a rebound while Toronto Raptor's center Acie Earl looks on during first half NBA action in Toronto December 2. Toronto defeated Houston 100-89"

If you don't know what I'm referring to then tune into NBA TV at 10 p.m. ET as Charles Barkley sits down with Ernie Johnson to discuss his career in basketball. It will be the second time the show airs after it made its debut on Saturday following the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest is somebody who can get a couple of things out of Barkley's career as a whole.

It's no mystery, World Peace isn't the most loved player in the NBA, well at least not by too many fans or players, the press gets a kick out of him in press conferences, but even they might be shocked with what he might say.

Early in his career, World Peace was in a crowd clearing brawl. It was a disastrous sight and from then on, World Peace hasn't really worked his way to the hearts of many fans. The league doesn't hesitate to punish his actions and referees are always whistling plays that are questionable.

Well this wasn't questionable, but it's an act fans and referees scrutinize as the mercurial World Peace seems to always take a step back in his career as he simply can't isolate himself from his violent past.

We'll learn once again in "Sir Charles at 50" that Barkley wasn't the most well behaved baller in his days from day one in 1984 when he was the first round draft pick for the Philadelphia 76ers.

He was always mad. He played angry. The 76ers struggled and Barkley could never control his emotions. In certain aspects, Barkley made World Peace's actions of today look minimal or just as equal.

SPOILER ALERT- At one point, Barkley even spit on a little girl in the stands, but it was by mistake and Barkley was happy that she eventually forgave him.

Barkley would also start trouble on the court just running up to people and throwing punches and elbows.

He was World Peace before the world knew about World Peace. In fact, the NBA had much tougher guys playing the game and to some extent, physical play was a part of the game. It was a way to intimidate the opponent and it was considered tough basketball.

Today, the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers feature some of the most physical battles in the NBA today. Danny Granger has been known to pest LeBron James. Last season, in the 2011-2012 playoffs, Granger was physical with James. It wasn't anything major until the two got in each other's faces.

Had this been World Peace tugging on James jersey, announcers, referees and fans wouldn't have considered it smart or physical, it would have been dirty.

World Peace's game is defense, but when he can't get physical with an opponent, then his game is useless to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

However more years World Peace has left in the league, he might want to take some notes from Barkley who was chastised back in his prime. Barkley's basketball playing days are in the past, but he is a Hall of Famer and currently working on TNT as an NBA analyst.

Check your local listings and don't miss this candid interview from one of the more lovable, but controversial basketball analysts. 

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