NBA All Star Game Score: Live Blog East vs. West with Play-by-Play

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Feb 17, 2013 07:40 PM EST
NBA All-Star Game Live Blog and Score
NBA All-Stars Kevin Durant (35) of Oklahoma City Thunder, Chris Paul of Los Angeles Clippers, LeBron James (6) of Miami Heat, Blake Griffin of the Clippers and Dwyane Wade of Miami Heat watch a young fan during a dance contest during practice for the NBA All-Star basketball game in Houston."

Score: East 138-143 West


20.4 remaining in the game--- East calls timeout

Melo from three! Yes!... Paul at the line and sinks first free throw

Griffin missed an alley oop on a freed from Harden from half court.

James at the free throw line.... 34.7 seconds remaining--- 1-1 from the line, 1-2

KOBE WITH ANOTHER BLOCK ON JAMES! James bodies Kobe and then gets fouled. 

Griffin gets fouled. 1-1... 1-2 from the line. East brings it up. Griffin with the alley to himself! James with the turnover. 

George from the corner! AGAIN! THREE! Chris Paul was elbowed him in the mouth. Noah's elbow went straight into Paul's mouth

Reggie Miller claims that Paul needs to be the MVP. Paul George keeps it an eight point game after sinking a three.

Paul getting defended by Noah and sinks a three over him!

Melo gets fouled. Durant makes sure to block the ball so it wouldn't go in for an and-1
Melo 1-1 and 2-2 from the line 

Durant with 30 points for the third consecutive All-Star game. First and only player to do so in the history of the All-Star games

2:33 remaining in the game now--- East has to catch up. 

Kobe on James and Kobe WITH THE BLOCK! Durant picks it up and jams it alone! 

JUMP BALL--- Paul and Irving ---3:10  remaining in the game... BOSH IS GETTING EMBARRASSED!! KOBE with the cross over!

MELO WITH A DOUBLE-DOUBLE 24 pts. 11 Rbs... Paul with the three!! Has 16 points and 15 assists. 

Paul with the layup. Melo with the tip-in after Wade misses the tear drop. 

Irving with the lay-in. Melo at the line. Sinks the first and the 2nd. 

Melo with the ball. Pulls up. Misses the jumper. Paul grabs the ball. Griffin doesn't even have a clean hold on the ball and he jams it in for the score

Harden with the ball Durant with the jam! 

Close to the halfway point in this game.

Bosh back in the game. Garnett the only starter not in action. 

Lopez at the line. 2-2 from the line. Parker with the tear drop! 

Lebron checks in. Houston we have take off... Durant went up high and soared with that dunk! Chandler stepped out of the way.

Bryant with the ball George on defense. Misses faade away. Kobe on Irving. Gets stripped! Kobe with the hard contact. Durant gets the ball and misses a three

Kobe and Griffin check into the game. Here's Irving bring the ball up. Gives it to George. IRVING AGAIN FROM THREE!

Irving sinks the three and now the East is getting closer. 

8:42 left in the game--- Westbrook being fashionable as always. Wearing a blue and red sneaker. 

EAST AND ONE! Tyson lays it up.

East misses and Westbrook can't connect on the three. 

Lopez airballs a jumper and the West is running away with it as they lau it in for the score.  

Starters on the bench. Westbrook with the up and under reverse! Harden with the lay in

East has the ball Deng knocks down a three! Parker fouled. 

Geroge with the ball gives it to Noah. Throws up his unique jumper Misses. Holiday strips Westbrook and then gets fouled

East gets the layup. West misses the shot

Deng turns it over. Harden thn knocks down a three

George goes fancy with the layup and misses. Westbrook returns with a jumper

Spoelstra tells his guys it's "Go time." West brings the ball out

------------------END OF THE 3rd QUARTER--------------------

West holds the ball. Harden brings it up... West turns it over. East tries to hurry it up. Holiday with the jumper before time ran out.

46.4 remaining in the third quarter--- Parker takes it up. Lee with the jam. 

Deng follows up a miss. Parker drains a jumper. 

Harden brings it open. From far away bricks. 

Harden knocks down the three! ... Holiday misses the three... Westbrook bricks the three. Holiday brings it up. George bricks

All you heard was the swish. Georgee with the three

Harden to Westbrook

TIMOUT EAST--- 2:34 remaining in the third quarter---

Harden with the three!


3:30 remaining--- Westbrook with a shimmy. Randolph with offensive board and the put back. 

Melo saves it and keeps it inbounds. James makes a left-handed jumper BUT it didn't count

Parker with a three... Melo with the brick.... Then gets the layup in the next possession.

Lee in for Duncan.... Westbrook to inbound. Parker with the miss. Wade with the moves. Commits turnover. Another turnover by the west. 

Wade working it with the driblle. Commits turnover. Westbrook wild. Wade with the tip. Ball goes out of bounds.

Paul gets the layup to complete three-point play

News: LeBron James is now the leader in three pointers in All-Star game history surpassing Ray Allen with 23. 

5:56 TIMEOUT---- 

Paul and James exchange threes and then Paul takes it the other way for a layup and one!

6:10 left on the clock

Wade runs the other way to get the points.

Durant shoots Griffin comes out of nowehere to try to get the put back but Melo snatches the rebound.

Melo Money! Hits the three-- Durant answers back on the other side

Melo gets fouled. A lot of turnovers to open up this third quarter

Wade for three! HOWARD WITH A THREE! Then Durant gets a steal! FIve points in a matter of seconds. Howard does the Westbrook gun slinger

West brings up the ball after the East goes on a bit of a run... Howard gets a dunk

KOBE w/ the dunk!

Melo assist to Wade

Turnover by the East. Griffin catches it. It was too far behind to bring it forward for the dunk

James goes with the swish. 

------------------------------3rd QUARTER-----------------------------------

Kevin Durant has 19 points in the first half of the 2013 NBA ALl-Star Game to lead all scorers

Second half will commence


Alicia Keys performing right now. 


Melo playing hard defense on Kobe. Seconds remaining.. FADE AWAY THREE!!! No. Melo wins the battle. Kobe misses.

Wade with the lay-in. Brings it back up And TYSON CHANDLER WITH THE HUGE JAM! 


Melo at the line 0-1. 1-2... 1-3.... OH! Griffin fin can't bring it down!! THEN James the other way NOTHIGN! Tried going off the backboard but was too strong.

East controls with a minute-twenty left. Melo gets the inbound and Griffin fouls Melo. He can't believe it. 

James goes the lengh of the floor but is then fouled.

Griffin with the pump fake and slams it home 

Paul to Bryant to GRIFFIN! 

PAUL GOES BETWEEN THE LEGS OF BOSH WITH THE DRIBBLE! He makes the highlight reel. The West gets a foul call away from the ball.

Howard with an easy jam---- Paul behind the back to DURANT WHO GOES SOARING!!! 

Kobe to Griffin for the Alley! Boom! That's like 10 points for Griffin

KEVIN GARNETT TELLS SAGER TO STOP DRESSING LIKE THAT! Hahahaa said he looked like a Christmas ornament. 

5:27 remaining in the game--- Lopez at the line. 

Here's Craig Sager with the ridiculous jacket. I think it has hieroglyphics

Durant with the JAM! 

Now there's a back and forth! Lee, Anthony, Wade all scored in this exchange.

Griffin with the steal. Harden takes it all the way 180 layup.. misses! Former teammate Durant with the cleanup.

Griffin ties it with a jam! Paul on the assist. 5th assist of the game for Paul 

East leads after an Irving three!

7:39 remainign to in the first half--- TIMEOUT

Holiday goes up and JAMS! Lee responds with a bucket. 

Kyrie Irving driving the offense. 

Westbrook and Harden open up the quarter offensively for the west. 

----------------------------FIRST QUARTER ENDS----------------------------

Irving with an assist. Westbrook holding the ball. Blows by George! seven seconds. Irving tries to save the turnover. 

Harden brings it up. LOB! Memories of OKC. 

1:57 remaining in the first quarter-- Westbrook drops a bucket to give them the lead. 

East could take first lead of the game. Randolph was rejected on the other end Noah grabs the offensive rebound and there it is!! Points.

TIMEOUT on the Floor! 

Tyson Chandler fouled after grabbing the offensive board. 

Westbrook, Harden and Aldridge in. Also George in the game.... And Irving with a cross over! Money.

Melo also sits. 3:53 remaining in the first quarter--- Noah and Deng in to play. 

BOOM! James again with his third jam of the game. Randolph misses the short jumper... Bosh with a 2nd airball. And he gets benched. 

Bosh shooting threes because? .... West handles. Kobe to Randolph.. SWISH!

Kobe goes 1-2 from the line. 


Melo with the bucket. 

6:00 minutes remaining--- Kobe with a fancy steal. Feeds it to Durant and he does a two-handed windmill! BETTER DUNK THAN THE DUNK CONTEST!

SUBSTITUTION--- Parker in for Blake Griffin and Duncan in for Howard

Melo with the assist AND LEBRON POWERS IT HOME WITH ONE HAND! Why is this not man in the Dunk Contest?! 

7:30 to mplay in the first quarter

Bryant goes swish from the base line!

Wade on the assist! Bosh with the jam!!!

James with the free throws... Misses fir first. Sinks the second.... Howard the other misses the Olajuwon hook.

Paul with time. Kncosk it down. Then interceps a pass! between the legs and gets fancy! Gives it to Kobe and the East runs out JAMES WITH THE JAM! Wade went off the back board

Kobe hits Durant. Durant drives past by LeBron. Anthny plays D. Durant misses. Wade with the easy bucket the other way

Durant from deeeep! Swish.... Carmelo answers with a jumper. 

Griffin with the jam! MVP of the game so far

2-0 West Griffin with the simple dunk as Paul gets him wide open. Bosh with an air ball

TIPOFF!! The West controls. They wear the red jerses. East wears blue. 

LeBron James will be the point guard tonight. 

The buzzer rings. Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade thank the fans and Houston. They hope the fans enjoy the game. 

John Legend working the American National anthem. Wow nice job Mr. Legend

National Anthems being song. Gloria Reuben singing Canadian anthem

Ne-Yo on the stage again. 

WESTERN STARTERS- "Pop That" plays in the background, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant

WEST ALL-STARS- Coming after Ne-Yo's second performance--- Popovich coach for the West 
David Lee, Zach Randolph, Tim Duncan, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LaMarcus Aldrige, 

EAST STARTING LINEUP- Chris Bosh walking in to Kanye and Jay-Z's "Clique"... Kevin Garnett, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James

Eastern All-Stars announced... Spoelstra makes his entrance. Brook Lopez, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Tyson Chandler, Jrue Holiday, 

Intros with a spaceship mission theme. Countdown for take off. Dancers hit the stage. Neyo makes his entrance. 

Introductions soon to come. Give it like 15 minutes. 

Still some time remaining as things are getting set up for the big game.


Join us for the live blog of the 2013 NBA all star game as we bring you scoring updates, play-by-play and color commentary as the sport's best players collide in an East versus West matchup at 8 pm.

If you can't watch the game the dont worry I'm here to bring you the best jams and update you on which player has the hot hand.

There will be a mixture of old versus new in these games. LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the future of the NBA while Kobe Bryant and Dwyane's careers are winding down.

Though they are in their 30's, their game is still top notch.

It's also important to point out that Chris Paul might be staring at the guard of the future on the East's bench as Kyrie Irving gets ready to participate in his first NBA All-Star game. He's got handle, speed, vision and Irving proved to have a pretty good shot from the perimeter after winning the Three-Point Shootout Saturday night.


The West took the game last year as James turned the ball over late in regulation. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

If there's a prediction we can make is that there will be a lot of joking around in the first three quarters. Expect the fourth quarter to go down to the wire as usual.

Bryant burst anybodies bubble. He messed up Michael Jordan's last All-Star Game of his career in 2003. Bryant spoiled it for Jordan firing overtime in a game the west eventually took in double OT.

Let's see how intense things get. It's the Easy vs. West. Refresh the page and scroll to the top of the article for the latest live updates.

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