Colin Kaepernick's New Tattoos After Super Bowl, Find Out Their Meaning (PHOTOS)

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Feb 08, 2013 04:59 PM EST
Colin Kaepernick New Tattoos
Kaepernick's fresh new art on his body. 49ers quarterback uploads images of latest tattoos."

Colin Kaepernick gets tattoos whether he wins or loses. The quarterback recently took to Instagram the latest photos featuring his newest tattoos following a Super Bowl loss to the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday. 

Some people smoke, others drink, but for Kaepernick, his outlet is getting inked. Here's a photo he put on Instagram and later tweeted. 
The caption for the image reads, "its bout that time." Of course, the new San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback couldn't get a tattoo done during the regular season or training camp. So that's about six months of no art on his body. 

He later thanked his tattoo artist for making the art and it was uploaded on his Instagram as it featured him shirtless showing off his latest body art. 

The caption for this image reads "The new edition to the body thanks to orlycukui." 

Kaepernick continues to build on a new trend in the NFL. Tattoos are nothing new in the NFL or in sports. We see them on wide receivers, linebackers, corners and running backs, but he is the first quarterback to be covered in ink in such fashion. 

For some people around the world, tattoos carry a negative meaning. What's ironic is that a lot of religious people avoid tattoos because the holy book considers the body a temple. Though Kaepernick is religious, he uses his body as a temple for religious scriptures and personal art that means a great deal to him.

What do the latest tattoos mean or represent? He tweeted their meaning as well.  
Humility maybe because he lost the Super Bowl and it brought him to the reality, that though a great player, Kaepernick has a lot to improve. They 49ers were close to winning, which is heartbreaking, which means he needs inner strength. Family because those are the people he will rely on, aside from his teammates, to get him over this big defeat.

As Kaepernick continues to add ink, the 49ers are expected to succeed in 2013-2014, find themselves in the Super Bowl and maybe win it all.

Kaepernick is without a doubt the 49ers starting quarterback and their future. 

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